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Nice idea but the outlines make it hard to tell which colour is which :/


Nice idea

Excellent soundtrack and nice idea! I would have loved to see some more use of the platforming though. I enjoyed playing and it was pretty tricky! Nice game:)

Nice game! A bit short but it is three hours, I found it a bit odd how the smiley faces were the enemy but the rest of the art was nice and the character was just incredible. Nice platformer :)

of course I will :)

I chose to not change the gravity to the closet planet but that is something I could pretty easily do :)

Loved the sound effects! It kept me amused for 17 minutes and the graphics were nice! good job ;)


Loved the shaders! The atmosphere was surprisingly tense and the art was great! My only gripe is that the particles tended to obscure my view and kill me indirectly :/ lots of fun though!

I strangely liked the ms paint art and the gameplay felt satisfying. I liked the amount of feedback you got on the enemies attacks - the black particles - and the combat was good! It was a shame it was so short but I know it was only three hours. I would like to see some more content in the future! 

Fun game but I couldn't work out how to stay in the sun :(

Loved the music and art, spent far too long playing it to beat it ;) overall amazing jam entry and I loved every fail of it!

I do't know if the lines were intentional but they spoiled the effect a bit and the hitboxes were really off. I did absolutely love the art and arcadey style though and was one of the best looking games I've seen in the jam!

Nice simple concept but fun game! I enjoyed playing but the only annoying thing was the movement speed being way too fast, it felt that every time you tried to escape something you would speed straight into another. Nice game and trails though :)

It was pretty fun but far too short :/

Interesting idea but it just wasn't fun to play :/

Yeah I've never heard of  Oiram cough cough *Mario*

I know about that and it was a conscious design decision, it made it so that you couldn't just fly around the enemies getting them in a circle and then destroying them. Thanks for playing though!

fun little game! nice concept and execution. Music was great and it was pretty relaxing. I enjoyed it a lot!

I loved the art and the music. The movement felt great and responsive and the combat was juicy. This was one of the best games I've played and you really made an amazing game! The only thing I'd like to see is a more original concept or mechanic. You definitely did incredibly for a game jam though!

I know about the wall problem, I just didn't have enough time to fix it :/

I really enjoyed the game! The sound and feedback was on point, and the combat and weapons were fun. I played the game for about fifteen minutes and loved every second, this was an amazing game! The thing I liked most though was leaping out of the water and over the pirates heads!

Thanks for feedback! The reason I couldn't add that stuff is because I switched games halfway through so I only had three and a half days :/

Love the games idea and the execution! I wold have loved to play against different ai's but you really pulled it off!

When you say zooming away, do you mean the screen wipe? because when it zooms away it's the boss fight.

Nice game!

Amazing game,  nice pun, engaging, balanced and fun. I'm amazed you knocked it together in just 48 hours! I would have loved to have seen more enemies at the beginnignand perhaps some more interesting designs too?

I loved the concept but It was too easy to just block and heal. There was also nothing to stop you just rolling until you got what you wanted. I enjoyed playing though And I would like to see the concep expanded upon!

I loved the concept but It was too easy to just block and heal. There was also nothing to stop you just rolling until you got what you wanted. I enjoyed playing though And I would like to see the concep expanded upon!

Loved the music and the animations were great! I found it quite hard to pick stuff up and throw it though, the rest was fun! 

The mini Games were fun and I liked how it went straight from feed your pet! to LET THEM KILL. I felt that the trapdoor one was a bit hard to open and close trapdoors.

So true (Insert name here)

Nice work! The game was fun but a little bit basic.

Why would you say this to me?

Thanks for your feedback, I'll put it in the description.

I wasn't getting sick at all, plus a thing you could do is get the player to use boxes to move themselves around. That might be fun!

Thank You So Much! I just didn't have enough time to implement audio as I switched projects halfway through :/

Wasn't much to do :/