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32 bit versions for windows and linux are now included as of version 0.2.0 :)

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This issue has been fixed in the new version 0.2.0 :D Still want to add a proper ending at some point, but for now at least the achievement is correct.

(even if it's just making a dozen potions of hydration to get rid of all this hydrangea)

You could just like... plant less hydrangeas..? :P

Speaking of which, one major complaint I have is the lack of an apparent "Exit Game" button, which makes it hard to put down in a good way. And apparently the task manager didn't end all of it, because I came back the next morning and saw that it was still technically running. Somehow.

If you press ESC to go to the menu, you should see this icon. Clicking it should exit the game :) As for the game keeping running even when shut down in task manager, that is not something I've ever seen happen. The game runs as a single process, so killing it should definitely shut it down.

When closing the game it does ask for confirmation, "Would you like to save", so maybe closing it from the non-process view (not on windows right now, can't check actual name), it may still open this popup instead of closing the game. - anyways, click the button seen below, or simply the X in the corner as for any other program and make sure to choose to either save then exit or exit without saving, then it should exit properly.

Another criticism I have is the lack of a few quality of life features, such as some way to queue up a bunch of identical potions at once instead of just clicking the icon every few seconds.

Hmm, I kinda wanted it so that the player has to manually make each potion - just like the player manually has to craft every single potion. But i suppose this could maybe be a nice feature to have.

It would also be nice if weeds were more obvious on plants with a lot of green in the palette

You're saying it's too hard to see if a field has weeds on it or not? that the whole field should have more green on it? If so, that's a good suggestion, the field should probably look a bit more overgrown. I just wasn't totally sure how to do it without making it clash with the plants.

Um...flow? The flow is good?

Hehe, yea, i understand. thank you so much for your comment. The more people i see enjoying the game, definitely makes me more likely to want to update the game in the future (possibly with some of your improvements!) ^^

Well the game is still kinda in development so currently there's no proper ending.

As for that achivement... that is definitely a bug. Sorry about that! There is only 15 potions in the game currently.

I think it might only be compatible with 64-bit computers. Sorry about that! I'll see if i can make a 32-bit version if/when i ever get around to updating it :)

I suppose maybe the How To Play sections doesn't make this clear enough, but you're able to right click fully grown plants and instead of havesting them, they'll turn into 2x (or more if you're lucky) seeds.

This way as soon as you've bought one plant, if you're patient enough, you don't really ever have to buy more of them.

Thanks alot for the nice comment :D I'd definitely recommend giving itt a go again with this new information tho, it should make the game a lot less "grindy".

I'd like to submit my game Potion Commotion:

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Actually the game that you can find is not the one i made. It's one that my girlfriend posted the same time as me. And unlike mine it did show up in most recent and in searches, but mine just doesn't. Is it cause they are named so similar? Her version is "Potion Commotion: Rainbow Edition" and mine (which doesn't show anywhere on the itchio site other than my profile page) is "Potion Commotion: Heart Edition"

My newly released game "Potion Commotion: Heart Edition" does not show up in searches, or even in the "most recent" browse sorting on the games page. How can i make it show up as it is supposed to?

Yes that sounds exactly like the bug I ran into. I have indeed been having issues with my touchpad double clicking very rapidly in the past. Hope you have the time to fix it sometime, but this also means that it's highly unlikely that many people are affected by the bug :)

Really great game, definitely keep up the good work! :D

I do keep running into a bit of game breaking bug though. Every once in a while, a window will stick to my cursor after moving it, and never ever let go. Even if I close the window by hitting File -> Quit, and then open it afterwards, it will still keep following the mouse around.