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Really great game, definitely keep up the good work! :D

I do keep running into a bit of game breaking bug though. Every once in a while, a window will stick to my cursor after moving it, and never ever let go. Even if I close the window by hitting File -> Quit, and then open it afterwards, it will still keep following the mouse around.


I'm actually trying to figure out a fix for this - it's an issue if the game manages to detect very rapid double-clicks and confuses them for the click-and-drag behavior, and since the listened click-release has already happened, it never lets go. I'll hopefully fix it really soon!

Yes that sounds exactly like the bug I ran into. I have indeed been having issues with my touchpad double clicking very rapidly in the past. Hope you have the time to fix it sometime, but this also means that it's highly unlikely that many people are affected by the bug :)

This happened to me too (I'm on windows) A simple right click made the window 'unstick'. Might work for you?