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I gotcha covered! ;)

oh no, what OS are you using? Are you running it through the Itch launcher or the regular executable? What does the error say?

Oh, the game said exactly where it is. “The file is on your desktop”. ;)

Are you sure that’s what the message said? Look again, and think it over what the message could mean. ;)

Did you at any point manage to open multiple chat clients?

You can also delete save data using the trash can icon in the login screen.

c:/Users/[your username]/AppData/LocalLow/Hummingwarp

Like in a real Unix terminal, the command is ls (LS, as in LiSt) - you can see the explanation in the "help" command. :)

Also the bracketed text is meant to be an example - you shouldn't actually type in the brackets. So an example command for listing the contents of a directory would be:

ls /Alex/Applications

And an example for executing a program would be:


Hope that helps!

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Jeez, the fact that it happened twice is... extremely abnormal. I'm so sorry about that - I'm not sure what the issue could be, but I'll look into it! Which OS do you use? Are you running the game through the Itch launcher or running the game app directly?

oh no, what was the last message you received? That definitely sounds like a big, but I haven’t heard of that one before >~<

Of course, here are all the wallpapers for SanctuaryOS! ^_^

Oh shoot, it must be an issue with Catalina's individualized permissions - I enabled all of them for the game during testing on my Catalina test machine, so no wonder I didn't catch it. Thanks for the heads-up! >.<

Oh, what are the last messages you saw before the game stops sending messages?

What was the last message you received? You may have not done an activity a character asks you to do in order to progress the story, such as adding an event to your calendar.

I mean... yes, it is a visual novel?

You can close them just like any other application by clicking on them and then selecting Quit from the System Menu Bar in SanctuaryOS.

“LS”, not “IS” :P

Could you take a screenshot of what you tried to enter? It's likely just a syntax issue with the entered text.

What about it did you get stuck on?

Can you take a screenshot of the terminal commands you are trying to enter?

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oh no, I’m sorry - the Linux build can have trouble for some users for whatever reason >~<

What distro are you running?

Augh, sorry - I have been trying like, everything to fix that double-chat bug, but I guess it can still appear sometimes >~<

Oh gosh, thank you for the bug report - I'll try and test that on my Linux machine! Just as a question, are you running the game through the Itch launcher, or without (The game sometimes has trouble running through the Itch launcher in macOS or Linux)

Maybe if you launch your own chat in-game, you can get some help ;)

Did you complete a full day and log out? The game won't save unless you finish a full day and then log out at the end (Sorry, it would have been waayyyy too complex to figure out how to save & reload every single dialog choice in the chat history >.<)

Absolutely adored this - I would pay good money for a full version! This is a world that I want to spend more time in ^_^

I would like to add my game!

Hey, I'm really sorry that I have not issued a patch for this for so long - it really stumped me and I'm very inexperienced using steam's API >.<

However! I just released a new patch this weekend that *should* fix the issue, based on what other people have said!

that has caused some issues forsome players - try just downloading the game from the store page normally without the use of any Itch client and that should work, though try running itwith admin access just in case there's some permissions issue preventing it from writing the save file to your filesystem.

Oh gosh, I'm so sorry to hear that you're running into that bug! Which OS are you running the game under? Are you running the game in any sort of sandboxing software?

Are you able to get to the credits? Do you see the issue present in the Itch version (If you've played it)?

Are you sure you're typing it in properly? It sounds like you're typing it in as "IS" , not "LS", as it should be (Make sure it's all lowercase)

Changing the permissions might possibly help with this, but I haven't encountered this specific bug on the Mac version. Try running this command:
chmod +x Secret\ Little\\ Little\ Haven

It's a rare error, but one other Mac user has reported this. Running this command fixed it for them:

chmod +x Secret\ Little\\ Little\ Haven

Super-sorry for the inconvenience - I just uploaded a new build that should work, so please let me know if you have any further issues!

If it is the first password, make sure that the capitalization is correct. Try it in all caps. :)

I'm actually trying to figure out a fix for this - it's an issue if the game manages to detect very rapid double-clicks and confuses them for the click-and-drag behavior, and since the listened click-release has already happened, it never lets go. I'll hopefully fix it really soon!

C:/Users/Username/AppData/LocalLow/Hummingwarp/Secret Little Haven

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Click inside the Reminders window, then click the File button on the top bar, and then click the New button in that drop-down menu. As soon as you make the reminder, the dialogue should advance. :)

Thank you so much for featuring my game! ^o^