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Are you able to get to the credits? Do you see the issue present in the Itch version (If you've played it)?

Are you sure you're typing it in properly? It sounds like you're typing it in as "IS" , not "LS", as it should be (Make sure it's all lowercase)

Changing the permissions might possibly help with this, but I haven't encountered this specific bug on the Mac version. Try running this command:
chmod +x Secret\ Little\\ Little\ Haven

It's a rare error, but one other Mac user has reported this. Running this command fixed it for them:

chmod +x Secret\ Little\\ Little\ Haven

Super-sorry for the inconvenience - I just uploaded a new build that should work, so please let me know if you have any further issues!

If it is the first password, make sure that the capitalization is correct. Try it in all caps. :)

I'm actually trying to figure out a fix for this - it's an issue if the game manages to detect very rapid double-clicks and confuses them for the click-and-drag behavior, and since the listened click-release has already happened, it never lets go. I'll hopefully fix it really soon!

C:/Users/Username/AppData/LocalLow/Hummingwarp/Secret Little Haven

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Click inside the Reminders window, then click the File button on the top bar, and then click the New button in that drop-down menu. As soon as you make the reminder, the dialogue should advance. :)

Thank you so much for featuring my game! ^o^

You're able to buy things here if you have a PayPal account - do you have one that you can use?

Congratulations on the success of ONHS! It's nice to see other peoples' visual novels about trans women too, especially visual novels that are topping the charts here on Itch! I wish you the best of luck, and I can't wait to finish your game! ^_^