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I liked this.

Still playing this game after 2 years.

super lovely!

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I enjoyed playing this, mostly thanks to the glimpse into the Tokyo scene. I would love it if you made a similar game again, moving and educating us japanophile gaylords and lesbiankings. I could see this becoming a monthly episode!

Love this. Simple, beautiful story-telling. You have a good eye :)

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sweet game, too short! :)

This happened to me too (I'm on windows) A simple right click made the window 'unstick'. Might work for you?

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Lieve Oma is your lovely, warm, no bullshit significant adult helping you navigate the hurts of life with foraging trips to the woods,  gentle piano tracks and  hot chocolate. I played it a couple of months after my own grandmother died and it brought back many feelings. Only negative is the English felt clunky at times, but maybe that's just how Grandma talks.

Yey! I played this game about teenage girls crushing on each other and didn't feel like a perv stuck in a boy's wet dream, this is epic!  This game is so ridiculously well written and moving, I wished I played it when I was younger. I think it needs its own French translation, mind if I give it a shot?