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New game not showing in "most recent" or in searches

A topic by Jas ๐Ÿ’– created 8 days ago Views: 61 Replies: 3
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My newly released game "Potion Commotion: Heart Edition" does not show up in searches, or even in the "most recent" browse sorting on the games page. How can i make it show up as it is supposed to?


I searched "Potion Commotion" and it showed up for me.  Maybe it just needed time to show up.  There are also two other games called Potion Commotion btw.

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Actually the game that you can find is not the one i made. It's one that my girlfriend posted the same time as me. And unlike mine it did show up in most recent and in searches, but mine just doesn't. Is it cause they are named so similar? Her version is "Potion Commotion: Rainbow Edition" and mine (which doesn't show anywhere on the itchio site other than my profile page) is "Potion Commotion: Heart Edition"

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Did you check the Visibility & Access options?  Is it set to Public?  Does the Unlisted in Search & Browse box have a check in it?  The game should show up if that screen looks like this.