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Thank you, that was an awesome read !!!

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You sir are a legend. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

I only had to fix the last command line (stardop:win-64 = stardrop:win-64)

but it works perfectly and the file is uploading right now !!!

Man, what a load off. Again thank you. :D

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Sorry to bother once again. I can't seem to push my game onto itch.io.
I followed this simple how-to guide and I run into this error:

C:\WINDOWS\system32>butler push F:\Program Files\STARDROP.zip joure/stardrop:win-64
butler: error: unexpected joure/stardrop:win-64

I triple checked but these are my account names as well as the correct name of my game page/project. I authenticated my butler correctly as well and it's up to date. I really am at a loss why this error is occurring. Any help would e greatly appreciated.

Ohh, I'm sorry. I'm just very new to command line based apps. I got it to work after figuring out how to set it up so I can run it with command prompt. Thanks. Sorry for wasting your time.

Hi guys. I'm very interested in using butler for version control and all the other neat features it comes with but I can't seem to even launch the tool. Do I need anything besides the butler tool? Right now when I launch the tool it opens a window for a split second and then just shuts down. No message nor warning. If anyone know what I might be doing wrong then I would appreciate the help greatly.

I'm running Windows 10 fully updated.