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I'm really happy your nephew enjoys the game, always makes my day hearing that!
I'm currently working on a 2D platformer. It's in the same kind of spirit where there is no dying, just having fun. The biggest difference is that the new game will have dialogue. You can check it out here:
It'll be here on as well once I release it.
I am also prototyping another 3D Gilbert game but this one has much more realistic graphics and will be a bit different.
(My daughter's older now so I make games that she can enjoy).
Hope that helps. :)

Ah, shucks. I'm so happy my little kitty game is such a success! I made it for my own daughter at the time when she was still little and based it on her feedback and mannerisms. I'm happy the issue got resolved! I figured something might have gone wrong during the saving process, perhaps it got corrupt somehow.

Hope she'll have a good time with the game from here on out! :)

That is horrifying, I wonder how it happened. The best thing to do is to head over to the save folder:
C:\Users\ "your username" \AppData\Local\PWG_2020\Saved
Delete the folder (it WILL delete all your settings and customized kitties, so make some notes if you need to such as name, etc)
It should reset any weird configurations, so let's hope this works!

YOU ROCK! I've been using your animals as the main stars of my game and I love them so much.
I'm so happy with the walk animation. 
Thank you so much!!!

ikr, what a steal!

Yes, it's the pretty much the demo but with a fancy name to distinguish it from the main game.

Oh, I love reading stories like these. it really lifts my spirits when I read about how the kids themselves enjoy the game(s) so much. Glad  Gilbert is able to help creating happy moments! Thank you for sharing, really appreciated that!

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This pack is insane, I haven't worked with it yet but I looked at the tileset and I'm super stoked. 

I needed a overworld map that was versatile but this seems to be really insane. Thank you so much for making this.

Worth the asking price!!!

EDIT: I am now working with it and it's soooo goood. I'm so happy with this. Again, thanks a ton, the versatility is just insane. Amazing work!

I haven't created any patch notes due to how extensive the changes are. In essence its the same game. re-built from the ground up. At the same time a lot of new stuff has been added as well. Most of the original maps have returned, again recreated from scratch. The first level for instance is almost a 1:1 recreation with some small new areas added.

I reckon the most radical change is the customization feature which has been greatly expanded upon. Down Town is a completely new map that adds vehicles to the game and Little Big Catventure is a new level set inside an apartment where everything is huge (think rat maps). Cat bells are thrown around every level that if you collect a certain number a new wearable item is unlocked.

And then there are small interactions that are there to add to the role play aspect of the game. The goal of the remake was to make the game just  better overall and be a much more fun experience. Character movement has been improved as well and I've added small improvements and additions throughout. It's hard to really explain the difference because it's a remake I didn't want to go too far with changes, yet I took the chance to make the game a much richer experience if that makes any sense.

So, I guess it's safe to say that if you played the original you know what to expect it's just that everything feels new and fresh and it has two completely new levels. I'm not completely done either. Two older maps will be making a return soon and I have plans for further updates in the future as well.

I guess the closest I get to a patch notes list is the game's play guide which you can check out here:

Hope that helps.

From what I know doesn't have the kind of depot branching Steam does.
If you could add me on Discord I might be able to help you out!

My Discord ID is:

Thank you so much for saying this! Besides my daughter the biggest motivator was hearing how much kids seemed to enjoy the game and parents seem to like the fact it's so wholesome.

As long as there are kids enjoying the game, I'll be happy supporting it! I have some cool ideas planned for it, let's hope I can make the real! Thanks again for the kind words! I'll do my best to make the remake as good as I can!

Oh shucks, that is such a cool thing to hear! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Thank you!

Thank you, I had a lot of fun watching the video.
I enjoy watching calm and relaxed content creators  the most haha!

Thank you!

I've been working on this for quite some time, it's surely not finished but I hope this will also help. I'll post a link on the main store page on Itch once its closer to being finished. :)

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These are the current key bindings. (A few have changed and will come in the next update which should be tomorrow). A few minor bugs will be addressed in the new small update. Anyway, I hope this helps clarify the controls a bit more. Again, I'll do my best to integrate key-binding asap!
And you're more than welcome!
(Right click and choose "open image in new tab" to view full resolution)

Alright, the new update is out. You should now be able to switch between Gamepad + Gamepad or mouse / KB + Gamepad. The hot air balloon should also be fixed now. There are a bunch of new hats and glasses types with special skins. These can be either unlocked by collecting cat bells strewn around the levels or found in the levels themselves.
You'll have to reset saved game data which can be done when the game pops up a new menu option at the start of the game (this should not be common thing and only has to do when I add new variables to the save-game system).

A key-binding system is next on the list but I hope at least that this suffices for now.

This option is going to be in the next update which should be coming hot in about a day or so! Along with a ton of new and updated content!

I'm glad you guys like it so far. Right now you'd need two gamepads to play the game in coop and is something I hope to be able to remedy in the near future. The remake is currently in active development with lots of new stuff being worked on, this includes new content, new features, new options, etc. Keybinding is on the list and will be something I'll try to implement very soon. I hope to be able to offer a toggle option to switch between 2 gamepads, to keyboard/mouse and gamepad configuration.
I'm sorry this isn't currently a feature but I want (need) to have in the game asap.

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I'm glad it did! Sorry about the issue, I'm not sure why 7zip solved since it's supposed to be a standard zip file.7zip has it's own, stronger zip format that generally yields much better results but I didn't use it for compatibility issues (most people I assume don't have it and it's annoying to have to get another app to unzip it)

So yeah, bit perplexed and will monitor if others run into being able to unzip.
That said, I'm happy it's solved for you and can only (hope) wish you'll have a good time!

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UPDATE: I just downloaded the demo zip file from itself just to make sure the file wasn't corrupted or anything and extracting went without a hitch (using 7zip).

Hey, sorry about the late reply! 
The file should be 6.75 Gb total.
My Google Drive says it's 7Gig, which I think is rounded up.
Anyway, I'm not sure what the issue is either.

What I can offer is trying to download the version from here:

I use 7Zip for my zipping needs (this is a regular zip, so it should work fine)
I'm wondering maybe your HDD could possibly be faulty? (I sure hope not)

I also unzipped the ZIP file I used to upload in a different folder (copy/pasted it) and that worked fine as well.
Anyway, try the file from the first contact version, it's the same experience just offered up at a different way.

Let me know if any of this was helpful!
And thank you for sharing,

I'll now download the file myself and see what happens on my end!
Sorry about the issue!!!

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Thanks for bringing it up. I have a remaster planned in the not so distant future (free update for current owners) which would address a good number of issues and changing up some of the gameplay mechanics. Can't say when it'll be done but I have this pinned in the list. Sorry for the immersion breaking, it's an important aspect of the game for me (and in general). I'll do my best to do better in the future!!!!

AH! Okay, thanks for letting me know! 

Hmm, that's odd, what OS are you using? Anyway, send me an email at I'll do my best to sort it out for you!

Hey, can you send me an email at, I'll try to help you out there!

Thank you !

Sorry for double posting. If you could hand me your email, I can send some links of the game. I'm currently cutting the game up in chunks of 1GB and will host them on my cloud. Or if you don't want to share your email, send me a message over at

Glad for that! Technically the game is not yet F2P but I'll leave the links here and will create a dedicated thread once it goes F2P>
I'm glad it helped!!!

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Hi! I'm sorry this is happening. I have no control over the backend of I would suggest posting your issue over here:

Are you downloading from Windows 10? There was a user with a similar issue for another game of mine due to his IP / connection. I was able to help him but STARDROP's too large for me to host anywhere. (I cut that game up in parts and hosted it myself)

I'm sorry about the issue!!! But relieved that you were still able to complete it first hand without too much hastle.
I hope the whole journey was worth it but at least, I think, it moved you guys. 
Thank you so much for playing!!!!

Not a problem! I'm happy I was able to help. 
Hope you have a good time and take care!!!

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Hmm, it's been a while but I thought I closed the elevator door once you walked out and triggered it. I reckon you didn't do that and wanted to go back up again?
What you can do is add this save file to the other ones:
You should then be able to choose to explore the SD-01 starting from the bridge. It shouldn't impact anything important and you can then head down that elevator when you're ready and continue the story.

Sorry about that, some of the things are complicated, perhaps over-complicated by my (at the time) lack of knowledge but I'm sure this should be a adequate fix for you particular situation. Let me know if this did it for ya!!!

You can find the save files here: 
"C (Or your windows install drive):\Users\(Your user name)\AppData\Local\STARDROP\Saved\SaveGames"

I'm sorry to hear. I don't have any control over how Itch stores its files but what I have done is divided the game into 1GB ZIP files. I hope this will make it easier for you to download them. Please let me know if this worked for you!

PWG 1:

PWG 2:

PWG 3:

PWG 4:

PWG 5:

Pawesome! You can join me here
(The server's still a bit empty but no worries about that!)

Thank you so much. I'm really happy you're enjoying yourself!! Thank you for posting. I can tell you that as a parent it has given me precious memories playing with my daughter! 

You're more than welcome. That's pretty much how I felt when I was creating it. I started just playing it to roam around and just have some fun. My daughter helped me when I played with her to make up for some funny adventures but yeah, I've heard this before from others and it caught me a little bit by surprise. I don't care in what way but if the game manages to make people feel happy then I couldn't ask for anything more, kids or not. :)
Thank you for sharing, it is so very much appreciated!!!

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I'm very happy about how well the game is received!
Short answer:
No sorry. Play With Gilbert wasn't created with co-op in mind and I couldn't implement it without basically recreating all the game mechanics.

Long Answer:
One of the main reasons I started on Gilbert's World is that Play With Gilbert was not created with co-op from the outset. It was just meant for my then 4 year old daughter to play but I realized afterwards she might want to play with me. I had no experience with co-op mechanics and therefore I tacked it on.

Gilbert's world is completely co-op friendly. Right now the game can be played up to four players and each player can customize their kitty. Customization is currently tied to player 1 to 4 but I am looking into ways to make these preset profiles instead.

Anyway, the game is in a highly playable state and I would very much like to ask if you would want to participate in me receiving some feedback while I'm still developing. Currently I am merely just eager to learn how the youngster react to the new game and if it is indeed an improvement to Play With Gilbert and making sure the game runs as well or better than Play With Gilbert.

If you want I can invite you to my Discord server and help set you up. The only thing that really needs a lot of work is the UI/menu systems. They are very functional but not practical which is something I will be sinking time into very soon.

Anyway, as I said there's much more customization options and more minigames and things to do. Just only one (Pretty big) level (Island) which will be added to in the near future. Let me know and I'll share an invitation. :)

Hi! Ah man that's awesome. You're very much welcome, I'm just glad I was able to help!
Hope your kid will have a blast with it and all the other games that can be played with a controller now! ;)
Take care as well out there!!!

Hi! Thank you so much! Love hearing when children enjoy the game, it honestly makes me smile. :) I never knew PS4 controllers didn't work and after a quick search it seems UE4 does not support them. I don't have one myself so I am not able to test but I did find a tool that seemingly let's you use them on the PC, I'll just link it to you and you can decide if you want to try it out:

I haven't used it ofc, but it was recommended by someone on the UE4 dev forum.
Oh, and I am working on a spiritual successor for PWG called Gilbert's world. It adds a lot more features and I expanded the customization options. I should have a post up on the PWG community soon with some footage. I'm actually really stoked about, I think it's a ton of fun!

I really appreciate sharing your feedback, means a great deal!

Thank you!