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Play With Gilbert - Remake

Gilbert is a very curious cat who loves to go on adventures. · By Joure

Impossible to Download

A topic by Taru created Jun 17, 2020 Views: 254 Replies: 6
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I've been trying for the last several days to download this - I must have tried a dozen times so far. My internet connection isn't fast (~300kB/s down) and I can't d/l large files outside of 8 am to 8 pm. A couple of times it's almost completely downloaded before failing, once literally in the last few seconds, and it refuses to resume, so that's a lot of time wasted. Given that I can't get an actual URL out of itch to try using wget (I'm a penguinista :D), are there any other options? I'd really love to play this as it looks delightful.


I'm sorry to hear. I don't have any control over how Itch stores its files but what I have done is divided the game into 1GB ZIP files. I hope this will make it easier for you to download them. Please let me know if this worked for you!

PWG 1:

PWG 2:

PWG 3:

PWG 4:

PWG 5:


Thank you! I shall try downloading them today and let you know if I'm successful.


It was much easier to download the game from Google Drive! Thank you!


Glad for that! Technically the game is not yet F2P but I'll leave the links here and will create a dedicated thread once it goes F2P>
I'm glad it helped!!!


Success! Thank you for taking the time to do this, it's much appreciated after the frustration trying to download it here.



Not a problem! I'm happy I was able to help. 
Hope you have a good time and take care!!!