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Seeing this in the RJ&E Bundle was a real blast from the past!

I actually have a physical version of this from the 80's (that I managed to rummage out to confirm that it really is the same thing). It doesn't seem to mention the name Tangram anywhere (it's a "Hi-Q Puzzle" called Pythagoras and the pieces are  green plastic) but it does come with a fold-out booklet with 179 silhouettes and a lot of them are different to the ones here - certainly the letters and numbers are and I reckon a lot of the more abstract ones are as well.

This has me wondering if a scan of the booklet would be of any use/interest to you? I don't know if it's easy/possible to add more puzzles in a update or something,

Anyway, I'm so glad I found this - it's really well-executed and so much more convenient than fiddling with actual blocks (and a somewhat fragile booklet).  I'd completely forgotten about these puzzles but, thanks to you, I can say that I'm still fiendishly good at them nearly 40 years on (dear gods, is it that long >.<)


Is "standard legal paper" some specifically U.S size of paper? Makes it a bit awkward for those of us in the rest of the world, if it is.

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Just tried to download this myself and found the exact same problem using Firefox on Gentoo Linuxand, like mcandre says, i've not had this issue elsewhere .  Will try other browsers and see if I get the same result...

...Yep, can confirm that I have the same issue in Vivaldi,  Opera and SeaMonkey.  However, as suggested, I can download it from the My Purchases page just fine.   Bit odd but at least it's not a show-stopper.

I've been trying to download some of the games I got in the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality and have been having immense problems with the larger files.  Games that are on the order of several hundred MB and upwards are either completely impossible to download or only come in after an inordinate number of tries. (which is only 416 MB) only successfully came in after probably a dozen tries, with me watching it like a hawk. Larger games such as (2 GB), (4 GB) and (9 GB) just will not complete (thanks are due to Joure for splitting Gilbert and putting it somewhere else for me to grab. I feel awkward asking the same for Stardrop even though it looks awesome!)  Perversely,, at 1 GB, did come in successfully (after a few tries, natch).

When a download attempt fails, even if I'm watching it and attempt to resume immediately, it will not resume properly and I end up with a 0 byte "file".  Sometimes this failure will happen a few hundred MB in but occasionally - and this is the real kicker - it will give every appearance of success, slowly but steadily plodding in, and then literally fail in the last few seconds . Given that my ADSL is over an ancient piece of rotting GPO copper that BT (I'm in the UK) refuse to replace because profit, and I only get circa 300 to 310 kB/s down, sustained, pulling in large files takes a small eternity. Add to this the fact that I can't just download massive amounts of stuff whenever I like - off-peak hours are 8pm to 8am - every hour wasted is another brick in the wall of my mounting fury (as it were). And being a night-owl I'm currently trying to make use of every last minute :D

Looking at the actual links for the files I notice this is part of them:

[...]?[a 10 digit number usually starting with 15929]&Signature=[...]

and I'm wondering if the problem is this timing out while the d/l is still in progress because it's assumed that it will complete before the session expires. Only it takes longer than the allotted time and, if my connection wobbles (as it is wont to do sometimes... if it's raining, the phase of the moon is wrong or I've not kept up my dues with the Great Old Ones (may I be eaten first) or whatever),  it can't resume.

I should note that I've had no problem with large files from other places. I recently grabbed the entirety of The Sims 3 + all DLCs in a 17 GB archive from It might have dropped a couple of times but I was using wget -c --tries =0 in xterm (I'm a penguinista, run 'doze games in Wine). Even with the auto-generated, time-limited links on that site, if it expires and I have to refresh, wget recognises that the file is the same and happily resumes even though the URL has changed. Using wget to grab stuff off itch does not work, however, as it barfs on the links. Success or failure also doesn't seem to depend on whether I or my housemate are browsing the net at the same time or not, either. It's just as likely to die if it has all the bandwidth to itself.

If it matters, I'm generally using Firefox 68.9.0esr 64bit (on Gentoo Linux) but, in case there is an issue with plugins, I've also tried using Vivaldi, Opera and SeaMonkey and had the same trouble so I'm at a bit of a loss as to what to do...

(Apologies for long post)

Just finished playing this delightful little game. I loved the little meows so much that I kept finding myself clicking on the cats I'd already found just to make them 'speak'.  And the bow-ties on the penguins made me smile.

I did have some slight issues with glitchy graphics and sound but that may be due to running it in Wine on a potato (this is a linux-only household). Wasn't bad enough to get in the way of me enjoying the game, though.

Success! Thank you for taking the time to do this, it's much appreciated after the frustration trying to download it here.


Thank you! I shall try downloading them today and let you know if I'm successful.

I've been trying for the last several days to download this - I must have tried a dozen times so far. My internet connection isn't fast (~300kB/s down) and I can't d/l large files outside of 8 am to 8 pm. A couple of times it's almost completely downloaded before failing, once literally in the last few seconds, and it refuses to resume, so that's a lot of time wasted. Given that I can't get an actual URL out of itch to try using wget (I'm a penguinista :D), are there any other options? I'd really love to play this as it looks delightful.

Is this playable without VR (on something of a potato)?