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STARDROP - Salvage and Rescue Operations · By Joure

The Earth rotates the wrong way

A topic by sanchopanca created Aug 17, 2020 Views: 175 Replies: 3
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Just started the game. The first thing thaty caught my is that the Erath spinning the wrong way around. That is sunrise happens in New Deli earlier than in Tokyo. And overall it spins way too fast. Unless it is explained in the game (which I doubt) it's quite a blunder

The Earth' rotation position is inconsistent between the different decks too. It looks like using the eleveator takes many many hours (or it's a time machine)

And the size of the Erth varies from one deck from another. I guess, waht I'm trying to say is that all these inconsistencies break immersion

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks for bringing it up. I have a remaster planned in the not so distant future (free update for current owners) which would address a good number of issues and changing up some of the gameplay mechanics. Can't say when it'll be done but I have this pinned in the list. Sorry for the immersion breaking, it's an important aspect of the game for me (and in general). I'll do my best to do better in the future!!!!