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Play With Gilbert - Remake

Gilbert is a very curious cat who loves to go on adventures. · By Joure

Key Bindings?

A topic by Tytillean created 60 days ago Views: 62 Replies: 9
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We've had this game for a while and the kids enjoy it. We've mostly figured out the controls, but do you have a list of the key bindings somewhere? They've tried doing the two player, but we can't figure out how to control the second kitty. 


I'm glad you guys like it so far. Right now you'd need two gamepads to play the game in coop and is something I hope to be able to remedy in the near future. The remake is currently in active development with lots of new stuff being worked on, this includes new content, new features, new options, etc. Keybinding is on the list and will be something I'll try to implement very soon. I hope to be able to offer a toggle option to switch between 2 gamepads, to keyboard/mouse and gamepad configuration.
I'm sorry this isn't currently a feature but I want (need) to have in the game asap.


This option is going to be in the next update which should be coming hot in about a day or so! Along with a ton of new and updated content!

Thanks for the info! My boys (2 and 4) love it when they can make the kittens eat things or tip over cups. They also love the hot air balloon. I just updated the game yesterday and they were happy to have the hot air balloon back. We seem to only be able to ride it once and/or haven't figured out how to launch it after the first time. Your game has helped my 4 year old develop his ability to move around in 3D environments. 


Alright, the new update is out. You should now be able to switch between Gamepad + Gamepad or mouse / KB + Gamepad. The hot air balloon should also be fixed now. There are a bunch of new hats and glasses types with special skins. These can be either unlocked by collecting cat bells strewn around the levels or found in the levels themselves.
You'll have to reset saved game data which can be done when the game pops up a new menu option at the start of the game (this should not be common thing and only has to do when I add new variables to the save-game system).

A key-binding system is next on the list but I hope at least that this suffices for now.

Awesome! Thanks for letting us know. 

As for the key binding system, that is great, but a list of the current keyboard controls would be helpful too. We've just been winging it and I suspect we're missing things.

Thanks for all your hard work.

Developer (5 edits)

These are the current key bindings. (A few have changed and will come in the next update which should be tomorrow). A few minor bugs will be addressed in the new small update. Anyway, I hope this helps clarify the controls a bit more. Again, I'll do my best to integrate key-binding asap!
And you're more than welcome!
(Right click and choose "open image in new tab" to view full resolution)

Thank you so much!


I've been working on this for quite some time, it's surely not finished but I hope this will also help. I'll post a link on the main store page on Itch once its closer to being finished. :)

Yes, that is very helpful. Thank you. The guide looks good, both for players and potential purchasers. The kids will be very excited to see that they can drive the cars. They've already discovered the hang gliders and having fun with those. Please consider adding construction vehicles and maybe even a construction site.