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Play With Gilbert - Remake

Gilbert is a very curious cat who loves to go on adventures. · By Joure

Very lovely game!!

A topic by Alix created Jun 11, 2020 Views: 112 Replies: 1
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If I had parents who had very lovingly crafted such a cute game for me, I'd be over the moon! Play With Gilbert is a delight for any age, with large levels to explore and just enough of a challenge to urge checking every nook and cranny to find everything. I love that the little bundles of fluff look and sound like real kittens, and dressing them up is an additional joy! Excellent story behind the creation of the game, and the execution was well done!


Thank you so much. I'm really happy you're enjoying yourself!! Thank you for posting. I can tell you that as a parent it has given me precious memories playing with my daughter!