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I enjoyed the game. The levels were really clever. My biggest complaint was that you are stuck in an animation when you bump into the wall. It was kind of annoying. Other than that it was a lot of fun and required a lot of thought to complete the levels! Good work. 

I agree with some of the other comments about the hitbox being a bit large.  I did enjoy the game but I wish the room was a tiny bit bigger to allow for a little more room to experiment with ways to get away from the skeletons. 

Seems like that was a common issue, it may have to do with what headphones you were using to play, the pitch is pretty low. With the headphones I used during development I was able to hear it just fine but then after I started getting comments about that and tried it with a different pair and got the same issue. I'm glad you did well though, and that you appreciated the originality! Thanks a lot.

That's a pretty solid score! My brother (my only play tester) was getting scores similar to that after a few playthroughs. I'm glad you got the same sort of feelings that I did when playing the game. At first I had it completely fade to black but once I added a little light around the bat it became much more enjoyable being able to see the bugs just long enough to know if you got them or missed them. Unfortunately the particle effects don't work in the web playable build which also made it feel a little better but oh well.

Thanks for playing though. Glad you liked it.

I spent a lot of time trying to tweak the sounds using different waveforms for the bugs and the bat but making them different caused it to be too hard to match the pitches(at least to me) so I ended up just using the same waveform. 

Glad you found it enjoyable though! Thanks for your feedback!

well at least you tried! I'll give yours a shot after work today. 

The funniest bug i ran into was changing the spawn rate of the flies in my game to around 15 per second(I intended 1 every 15 seconds). The speed of the enemies are determined by the spawn rate so this made then insanely fast as well. 

Each fly has a sound that plays so all of the sudden my game went from  relatively calm sounds of bugs cruising into frame to this game crashing onslaught of high pitch noises screaming accross the stage. It actually made me laugh out loud. 

It's working much better now: Blind as a Bat

I was debating on having all the heights totally random but I thought that might be too difficult so I decided to make only a few different heights that the bugs would fly in from to make it a bit easier. I'm glad you thought it was fun though. 

Thank you!

I'll be sure to check your out tonight! And yeah, I wanted to use a set of mechanics that was similar to at least some people so that the main focus would be on the fact that you only have one stimulus to help you navigate. 

Thanks! Much appreciated.

Yeah I had 5 or 6 other ideas that I was messing around with but I decided to go with the "only one sense" thing because I don't ever remember playing a game like that before. I figured it would work best on top of a game style that people were already familiar with so it wasn't too overwhelming. Thanks for playing and commenting though!

I think that it's really tricky. I got so used to playing that it became second nature to me but I was worried that it would be too challenging and wouldn't really convey what I was going for.  Glad you liked the idea though! That's the part I'm most proud of haha. 

Ah I worried that would happen. I tried changing the frequency range a bit but I ran into issues where the lows were way too low, the highs were way too high (and more headache inducing than they are now), or all of the frequencies were too close together to be able to differentiate them. If only I were a sound engineer haha. 

Thanks for playing though! Glad you liked it! "Nearly perfect" is way better than I would have hoped for. 

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The only control for my game is clicking the mouse. It's not the main "Only One" design choice that I was focusing on but definitely part of the experience. It's kind of an endless runner where, after a short intro/"tutorial" bit, the screen fades to black and you're left with only sound to guide you. I felt like anything more complicated than a one button control scheme would have detracted from the only one sense thing I was trying to do.

Blind as a Bat

(Also its browser playable)

Just picked up Godot a couple weeks ago. The game I made is essentially my first game (that isn't a direct clone of something like pong) so I'm kinda proud. Hopefully for my next game I'll be able to polish it up a bit more! 

I'll definitely be returning to this thread after work tonight really excited to see what you guys all did with the engine. I don't have anything to compare it to but it seems pretty great to me. 

Here is my submission: Blind as a Bat

Lots of cool games. I'll be playing a bunch this evening after work. This was my first game jam and it has been a lot of fun so far. 

Here is my game if anyone cares to check it out. I'll be revisiting this thread tonight to check out everyone else's games. 

Blind as a Bat

There are a lot of games that I want to try out after work tonight! This is my first game jam and I'm really impressed by the stuff people have made. 

As for my game, I'm no artist or anything so the game doesn't look all that great but I'm somewhat proud of the concept. It's an endless runner where you eat bugs to fill your energy bar. The catch is that after a few seconds you're left with only one sense,  the sense of sound. 

I had a somewhat busy weekend so I couldn't devote as much time as I would have liked to the game but I'm happy with my results for my first game jam.

Here it is: Blind as a Bat

Wow, lots of cool games, I'll be busy playing them after work tonight. My interpretation of "Only One" was to only allow the use of the sense of sound. Its an "infinite runner" sort of thing where you have to find bugs to eat in order to maintain enough energy to continue. After a few seconds the screen fades to black and your lose the ability to see, leaving you only with sounds. 

Check it out: Blind as a Bat

I used a similar concept in my game. I'm at work now though so I'll have to check yours out this evening. 

Right, it's a neat concept. It's kinda cool how it takes the sort of slow methodical pace of a traditional puzzle game and adds in a  fast(ish)-paced, somewhat unforgiving, platforming aspect. 

I feel ya, I had the same issue. Never enough time to make it as good as it is in your head. 

Yeah that may be worth looking into.

I actually messed around with that for a while. My idea was to have the bug sounds be a sawtooth wave and the bat be a sine wave but it was very difficult because the sawtooth wave has a whole bunch of harmonics so the bugs were really hard to find. Basically the pitches matched a little bit in several places instead of just one. This is definitely something that I would like to adjust in a full version of this game though. Thanks for playing it!

I did, I'm not sure if is TOO hidden but making it more obvious probably wouldn't hurt haha

Yeah it seems like this one could be changed around a bunch of different ways to kinda fine tune the difficulty.  

Pretty interesting game. The controls were a little bit slippery for me, it seemed like I kept getting stuck in places that I shouldn't be but I like how you have a set of items and can only use each one of them once per level. It's neat how they all serve different purposes and not just different variations of the same thing. I did kinda wish that you could just throw the item in the direction you were looking without having to think about throwing it left or right but overall a pretty cool game. 

Definitely and original game. I'm not entirely sure how this uses the theme though.  I was getting stuck in the wall quite a bit when trying to jump. I'm not sure if that was intentional or not. It seems like you kinda need to glitch into the wall in order to solve some of the puzzles at the end. Interesting game though.

I struggled a bit, perhaps it's the Chrome browser or something but it seems like my aim was totally random which made playing the game very difficult.  I would try to line up enemies so that I could take out a few with one shot but they seem to move faster than I did so I could never really get more than 2 or three lined up and then since the aim was buggy I was rarely able to hit them. It was also difficult to select other weapons to use, like the scroll wheel was too sensitive or something (Which also could have been an issue on my end.) I like the concept though. It reminds me a little of playing COD Zombies where you get a group of enemies following you so that you can more efficiently take them out. A little fine tuning and this could be a fun time killer. 

Interesting concept.  At first I didn't realize how it related to theme since there we're multiple colors and everything but then it made more sense once i realized when you change the type of color that you shoot, all of your color splotches change to match that color.  Good job!

Pretty cool take on the theme. Almost reminds me of a sort of action version of those old match two style card games. I couldn't manage to get past a streak of 4. It might be nice to have a color assigned to each number to possibly make it easier to remember the order although not having that definitely makes it a bit more challenging.  Good work though. 

Cool concept. Took me a second to figure what I was supposed to be doing. Could see this being expanded out as an infinite runner or something like that as well. I'm not sure what the scrolling gray bars we're supposed to be for. Pretty neat game though and interesting take on the theme. 

Really cool idea. I liked how your goal changed a little bit from moment to moment. Sometimes you're looking for anything to fork into and other times you're running away from bread trying to add layers make a super sandwich. Nice work. 

Thank you! Much appreciated. I'm proud of the idea (not so proud of the level of polish though haha)

Definitely agree about the execution being shaky. I'm somewhat new to this and didn't have enough free time this weekend to devote to really polishing it up. I appreciate your criticism though! Thanks!

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I used Godot for my game as well. Unfortunately my 2d particles caused the game to glitch pretty badly. After a little google search it seems like this might be a common issue for HTML5 builds. It also could be due to the fact that I don't know what I'm doing. Either way I just decided to removed them.  Been trying to learn game making and the godot engine for the last couple weeks now. It's been fun. 

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