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Pretty cool take on the theme. Almost reminds me of a sort of action version of those old match two style card games. I couldn't manage to get past a streak of 4. It might be nice to have a color assigned to each number to possibly make it easier to remember the order although not having that definitely makes it a bit more challenging.  Good work though. 

Glad you got some enjoyment out of it and appreciate the feedback! I also maxed out at 4 lol

I like the color idea, it'd be interesting to think about how exactly to do it. Same color order each time? That'd help the memorization. Random colors? Would you then show the order of colors to do, or have them also numbered so the color is more just for personal memory? Really cool suggestion, might have to poke around with it (if I work on this more).


Yeah it seems like this one could be changed around a bunch of different ways to kinda fine tune the difficulty.