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A Loan in the DarkView game page

You play as Loan, an 8-year-old child who will have to face his greatest fear: the darkness.
Submitted by YoanB — 2 hours, 50 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#21811.9362.500

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Hey there! I'm trying to play the game (WebGL build) but I'm having issues getting past the first screen. I think I have to switch item to get the Pogo stick and jump higher, but I'm playing on a laptop and don't have a scrolling wheel (no mouse). Is there a workaround for this? 


Hello there ! :D

You can switch items by pressing 1/2/3/4/5. It may be more difficult playing on laptop, so I hope you'll enjoy anyway :D


Thanks, I didn't notice the numbered keys before! Yeah, playing on laptop is rough (4 & 5 keys don't work in the Web version, so I had to use the pad to scroll), but I could still clear the first level and get the main idea of the game. I like the fact that it's a puzzler that makes you think quickly, and that there's multiple solutions to each level. Also, the closing eyes animation looks amazing!

We also made a game for the GMTK2019, and would love to hear what you think about it!

If you think you have the courage & wits to help the Juan and Only Jelly Knight recover his human form, a worthy challenge awaits.

Don't forget to rate our game here!


I find the overall concept to be very interesting. basically each level is a decent mix of a puzzle and action platformer. overall I found the collision and physics of the game to be frustrating. Great concept and fun graphics for 48 hours. 


Hello ! :)

I agree with you, collisions and physics can be a little frustrating sometimes, but I hope you enjoyed anyway ! Thanks for your interest and for sharing your thoughts :D


Good game but how does it fit to the theme?


Hello ! 

We wanted to make a plateformer/puzzle 2D game in which every item is usable only once per level.  Because of technical issues, we couldn't make the Level Design we initally prototyped. This mecanic is working but yeah, I can understand that it's not as explicit as in other projects :/

Thanks for sharing your thoughts ! :D


Awesome dude! how many members were there in your team?


Thanks dude! :D

Initially, we were 7, unfortunately  some members could not be present during the whole Jam, but the 7 participated as best they could ;)


Pretty interesting game. The controls were a little bit slippery for me, it seemed like I kept getting stuck in places that I shouldn't be but I like how you have a set of items and can only use each one of them once per level. It's neat how they all serve different purposes and not just different variations of the same thing. I did kinda wish that you could just throw the item in the direction you were looking without having to think about throwing it left or right but overall a pretty cool game. 


Hello, thanks for your message !

We had some technical troubles like these for the controls and not enough time to polish this as we wanted to :/

I'm glad you enjoyed the overall experience, thank you for sharing your thoughts ! :D


I feel ya, I had the same issue. Never enough time to make it as good as it is in your head.