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the team is closed :(

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Thanks for asking dude..

I would like to join your team but I'm a better programmer than an artist. Check out my games...Can I do both?

Thanks a lot dude!

It means tons to me!!

Thanks for giving your precious time and playing this game!

Thanks for your feedback dude!

I'm glad you asked this question!

Actually I was going to work on one more mechanics in which you can climb the wall using your sword!

But my game engine crashed few hours before the jam submission so the level I made was gone 😔

Try this...

Go towards  extreme right wall and stick to it!

Now keep right arrow pressed and try moving your mouse clockwise such that the sword moves in a circle, you will climb the wall!

I hope you get it! 😁

Thanks a lot for your feedback dude!!

I'll work soon on these mistakes and update the game next weekend!😃

That's great!

Come on my discord server we will talk there!

Thanks dude! It means a lot to me

Yes dude!😎

Thanks dude😄😄


Actually I had made an awesome game where you could use the sword as melee weapon and ranged weapon! But few hours before the game submission my game engine crashed and my progress was deleted...

So I had to work on the sword all over again I was so depressed..

Lesson learnt : Always save your game once an hour!😅

Till now I was working alone on all game jams. I would love to work in a team! Check out my dashboard to see the games I've made. If someone has a team please tell me if I can join you or if someone is working alone like me, I would like to work with him in collab.

Thanks for your feedback DCorvinos!😁

It really means a lot to me!

Everybody's complaining about the sword mechanics😔

I'll find a good way to make the mechanics more interesting!😉

Thanks for your feedback dude!

It means a lot to me! I think the sword coming back mechanics was a bit hard for me to implement in 2 day I was working alone on this game...but I'll not repeat this mistake again dude!!

Thanks for your feedback rotten potato😂😂

Actually I was working alone for this game so I had a lot of load on kinda gets difficult to polish the game..but in the next jam I'll do better!💪

Thanks for your feedback buddy!

I'll lower the intensity of screen shake next time!

Thanks for your feedback dude! I didn't get much time for adding next game I'll have a good audio

Good sarcasm 😂😂

Awesome dude! how many members were there in your team? Check my controls

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I like the concept of the game! But you can improve the controls! Rated 5 stars for originality! Check out my submission here - >

Good game but how does it fit to the theme?

AWESOME !! Rated it 5 star for Adherence to the Theme!!!

Good Game It has potential!!

The game has potential!

Awesome and Simple game. But the shooting can be made smoother, also try adding bounce to the bullet! I have made a similar game to yours check it here ->

Great Game!

This helped me alot..Thanks bro!

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Thanks mate. Actually i'm working alone this time, so its difficult to come up with ideas, I'll join a team in next jam. But now I have an awesome idea!!! Thanks

Its 10 hours since the theme reveal..i cant come up with idea.

WOW!!!! You are still playing the game..

That just means a lot to me.  THANKS A LOT SLOGO!!!

I would have updated the high-score in the game, but, unfortunately my hard-disk broke down and my source code is deleted :(

Your review was great!!!

108!!!!!! OMG

Thanks dude. It means a lot to me. This is my first ever submission in a game jam. I will work on the improvements for sure. Thanks again!

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Make it easy dude, I can't go past 6 score.

I can play this game for hours :)

Too addicting!!! 5 Star from me. 

Oh, thanks dude. The game is more fun now :P

*found a major bug*

After the game is over, i can still press Q W E and increase the score.

I havent played 868-hack. but the game would be good with sound effects.

Also i didnt really understand the game. :(

This game would be my fav in this jam if the teleport location was in the player's control rather than random. Great sound effects and aesthetics.

Overall a good game.

Good aesthetics and sound effects, but how to play?

Your GIFs look good but the downloaded game starts in different resolution on my PC so it doesnt look good.

Its a little bit confusing to play.

Coming to the good part, the sound effects are awesome, the gameplay is also smooth. Overall a good game made in 7 days. :)