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Nice twist to a rather classic game. It had a nice feel to it, I enjoyed playing!

A fun game! The physics seem to need some tweaking.

This was an interesting journey. Well done!

Yes <3

Really cool mechanics and great execution. Could be a bit easier in the beginning though, to let player get a good grasp of mechanics and controls before introducing tougher problems.

Great idea! A bit too hard to play though.

Great work, I had fun playing! Maybe the game should become more challenging when the train moves on (increasing enemy spawn rate, introducing different/tougher kind of enemies and such). But in 48 hours, this is already impressive.

Not quite sure what's happening but I earned a few bucks so can't complain. Great first game though! Keep on developing more!

A cool new angle to a classic game! Great job!

I had great time!

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Very enjoyable! The puzzles are have just the right amount of challenge and the learning curve is fitting.

Thanks for your input!

It took some time for me to get hang of it but it was fun. :) This could maybe work on tablet?

Thank you!

Cool idea, I liked it! Spawning minions just needs some kind of cool down so you won't be able to just spam space.



Thank you! It did take some trial and error with the camera to get it right, but I'm happy you like the outcome.

Thanks! Also, I'd be happy to check out your game, but I would need the OS X version. For some reason I couldn't DM you on Twitter...

Thank you for playing!

What a lovely game! The idea is fun and the visuals with the music deliver such aesthetic pleasure. Also, the honk buttons in the menu were a nice touch. :D

That's weird.  Are you sure you had the WebGL object active? Does clicking on it help?

The game is very unique and has a nice appeal. I thoroughly enjoyed playing!

Thank you! I did. :)

I enjoyed the atmosphere and music! What I gather from previous comments, it's a shame you didn't have time to get rid of the glitches.

Thanks for playing! Yeah, it's a challenging one. :)

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it!

Thanks for the laughs! xD