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John Ayliff

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Thank you!

I'm not actively working on the game any more, but I'm making a new game that should appeal to the same players. I post dev blogs on my Patreon:

Thanks! I had no idea this game was being used as an example of anything. I don't know if I'll have time to review IFComp games this year but if I do I'll check yours out.

No plans to adjust the scoring system this long after release. Things like airtight caves don't adjust your score directly, but they do make it more likely to have more colonists survive and get a better culture ending, so they do affect your score.

Thanks for pointing that out! I've uploaded a new version that fixes that.

OK, this should be fixed. If this happens again, clear your cache or do a force refresh of the page (CTRL+F5 on a PC, Apple+R on a Mac) to make sure you're running the updated version. The title screen should say "version 1.3.6" in the top right.

Thanks for letting me know. I'll look into it immediately.

Email me at and I'll send you the source code.

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Hi Brandon! I'm very happy for you to do this if you want to. I assume these are non-commercial projects since they're for old computers. Just leave my name in the credits (while also adding yours) and it's fine.

My first computer was a Commodore 64  and I wrote my first primitive games in C64 Basic, so seeing Seedship running on one would be kind of amazing!


Thanks for pointing that out!

Last time I updated the game I forgot to check the boxes to add scrollbars and a fullscreen button. I've fixed that now. Thanks for pointing it out!