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I've been obsessed with this game for weeks but I need to know...

A topic by ghostcorps created Aug 09, 2022 Views: 696 Replies: 2
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So today I successfully (finally!) not-crash landed the ship on the Nexus. Communicated with the entities and got my entire crew to Cosmic Enlightenment. Final score was 3411. 

I'm pretty happy with myself but need to know if I could have done any better. I'm sure I could have mopped up a few more points but is Cosmic Enlightenment the ultimate goal? 


There's no special ending beyond Cosmic Enlightenment, so you can try for higher scores but you've won the game as much as it can be won.

Good work, and glad you like the game!


Woo! Thanks. 

It is a great game. Well written and a nice balance of logic and intuition. I can tell you have put alot of time and passion into it. 

I'll try for a higher score but maybe, hopefully, it will get an expansion beyond the gates...? Otherwise, I look forward to your next game. I have clocked some impressive scores on Seedship already. 

Thanks for replying. Have a great day.