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out of fuel error

A topic by crashmaster created May 30, 2022 Views: 431 Replies: 3
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After moving to one big as system I decided to explore things this was fine it was one of the civilisation home systems.

Was really getting close to some sort of ending.

However I didn't watch my fuel and ran out.

I was 4 units away from the gate but well I got an error with a lot of warning code and my game was lost.

I mean my game was lost anyway but thats beyond the point.

had to discard the entire game and restart it.


Do you remember what the error said specifically?

Did this happen right when you clicked the travel button or did a travel event trigger first?

I was not watching the screen, suddenly I had just finnished the last planet then saw a travel point I assume was the gate 4 units away but didn't check my status.

Anyway I clicked it I got the words out of fuel and a bunch of other code which I failed to copy  and save.

I did hit the button to travel.

I do wander if there could be fuel upgrades.

Also if you can loose crew maybe aliens could join your crew or you could get upgrades.

Maybe an advanced civilation may decide your ship just is no good and offer you a bigger one, etc.

Its certainly a good game.


OK thanks. It sounds like you triggered the "Out of Fuel" event and there was a bug in that event.