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I really like this game.

As a visual impaired player its really good and a good relaxe after a hard day's work.

I am an accessibility tester so yeah this is a good chill out.

So there are a few things.

1.  would like settings to be a bit accessible.

I would like to turn off music while in busy situations or turn it down but not all the time because its good.

The other thing is the music.

I want it so where did you get it or is there a bandcamp page to buy it or something.

Would really like the soundtrack to play outside game.

I was not watching the screen, suddenly I had just finnished the last planet then saw a travel point I assume was the gate 4 units away but didn't check my status.

Anyway I clicked it I got the words out of fuel and a bunch of other code which I failed to copy  and save.

I did hit the button to travel.

I do wander if there could be fuel upgrades.

Also if you can loose crew maybe aliens could join your crew or you could get upgrades.

Maybe an advanced civilation may decide your ship just is no good and offer you a bigger one, etc.

Its certainly a good game.


After moving to one big as system I decided to explore things this was fine it was one of the civilisation home systems.

Was really getting close to some sort of ending.

However I didn't watch my fuel and ran out.

I was 4 units away from the gate but well I got an error with a lot of warning code and my game was lost.

I mean my game was lost anyway but thats beyond the point.

had to discard the entire game and restart it.

Just listened to streams on your game sounds quite cool

Hopefully it gets made accessible for the blind.

I hope you will put this on here as well as steam.

Steam client can be a bit tricky to get going for the blind though some do.

Anyway if you want beta testers I am crashmaster on here, my email is if you want to run this out of the site.

I don't have any work right now so a project like this could be cool.


I am a user from audiogames also.

Enjoyed the comments to.

Things I want to be changed /adjusted.

1.  the gift store.

Why are you having bottles of water and chips costing a lot at the store.

If thats how they are fine, but just put vending machines in the hotels with the same prices while at school, then concentrate on getting cash for items.

2.  I'd really like the ability to access my home, I obviously have a lot of stuff I could get myself.

If you want to keep prices up on the hotels then have supermarkets in major citties and dairies about so you can get basic things.

And why the heck is it chips and water.

To go along with the school theme it would be chips and cola.

Later on as you get bigger I'd imagine you would get different things.

Chocolate for example, or musly bars after all you are battling a ton.

When I was a student while I did get fat I lived on bumper bars and large yogurt slices.

If I had time I would have some pasta or a pie but if I didn't large musly slices did at least keep me full for a 2-4 hour session.

Water is probably ok I guess but still.

Hotels usually have cofe making facilities and those would be free.

It also goes without saying that at the hotel you would have breakfast and dinner though so whatever.

At one point I found an 5 star restoraunt and was told I wasn't hungry so didn't go.

If I was travling about I'd take a chance to eat on the way or at least buy something to take along with me.

If you get to a point say you are going to another city or area you can't go back there should be a warning saying you will not be able to get back side quests should also be having this sort of thing, if there are sidequests not completed in an area there should be a double warning saying that there are quests left you won't be able to do after you leave.

On the other hand I guess you could jump back and complete a side quest.

Of course you could have it that you could chance along a sidequest not knowing what the heck it was, and put it in your pack, and realise you had done it for whatever reason.

Thats another point you really should have a bag, I assume you do but whatever.

For a batch game this is quite good, and I do think batch is not something you hear about these days.

Are there any more games in batch you plan to write?

Also how do you betatest your game, I'd really like to do that.

Post game you should be able to go back and forth and finnish side quests.

If you defeat certain monsters like the diamond instead of just going away like it does it should shatter and become gold or be something you can pick up and then somehow exchange as gold or currency.

Maybe it could be used for other things like special upgrades.

There also needs to be protection for the cool effect because once it hits minus something that number canget totally huge till you have lost all your items and then you die, either that or as soon as you reach 0 hp recovery, or below it the effect should wear off.

Unless thats ballenced with you healing say 10-20 hp at the start then dropping as you get less cool to 0 then the effect expires or if you hit the minuses gives you a bit more chance to kill the monster involved.

Right now if I get made cool, I know I have 5 turns to destroy my enemy but if anymore than that well it could become a problem.

Well, just ran the game.

Its certtainly easier to play now.

I do get overwealmed at 8 targets, the only thing I wish for is a faster firing speed.