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Bug reports Sticky

A topic by John Ayliff created May 08, 2022 Views: 370 Replies: 14
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If you find a bug, you can either post it on this thread, post it on the Discord, or email Please include a screenshot showing the full game window--most of the time that will give me everything I need to track down the bug. Also, before reporting a bug please check that you're running the latest version of the game, so you're not reporting a bug that's already fixed. (You can see the version number in the bottom right of the title screen.)

Spelling and grammar errors are bugs, although note that I'm writing in UK English so e.g. the "u" in "colour" isn't a mistake.

Every time I restart and use a custom name for the ship, I always seem to have the same set of potential crew. Every time I restart and use a preset name, it does not seem to be the case.


I can't reproduce this. Can you tell me which version you're playing (windows, mac, browser, android, ios), and if the browser version, which browser you're running it in?

Browser, v1.0.4. Also, if I start with a custom name for my ship, not only is my starting crew predetermined, but also the stars that I travel to and the results of my actions, as far as I know. It all started when I decided to press the "new game" button and restart while the screen is still loading as far as I know.


Which browser are you using? It sounds like something is funny is happening with the random number generator and it's outputting the same numbers every time. If you close the browser down and re-open it does it keep happening?

Microsoft Edge. And yes, even if I close and re-open the browser it is still there.


It sounds like there's something weird to do with the way your browser is initialising the seeded random number generator, but I don't know what could be happening or what I could do about it. Playing it in a different browser or clearing your browser's cookies might fix the issue, although you'd also lose your saved game and any high scores. Sorry I can't be of more help.


I understand.

Don't worry, I have updated my game to v1.0.5 and it seems to do the trick just fine.

Thanks for the help by the way. Really appreciated it.


No problem, glad it's working now!

Hi John! I'm enjoying the game on Android, I think it's pretty good! I'll try to post here if I see any typos, here's one.


Thanks, I'll get that fixed in the next update!

Found this error today. By the way I love this game, can't stop playing.


Thanks, I'll take a look at that for the next update!

(I translate everything by google translator, I don't know English)

As much as I like this game, it has a big problem, every time you lose, you go back to zero, with nothing, this is very discouraging, you could add a mechanic that every time the player loses the game, you could spend the match data, for the next one, the player can go further, it doesn't need to be a very strong upgrade, doing this will give the player motivation to continue in the game.


That's intentional, that's how this kind of roguelike game normally works. Even though you're starting from the same place each time, you're  getting better at the game, so you should eventually be able to beat it.