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Secession Cycles

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I am glad that you enjoyed it :)

I hope you enjoy it :D

No problem :))

I feel your struggles, my friend (as a fellow Autistic person). Thanks for sharing this with us.

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I feel your struggles, my friend (as a fellow Autistic person). Thanks for sharing this with us. 5/5 Stars.

This is actually a good game.

So much fun.

5/5 Stars!


Hehe lol

No problem :)).

I cannot wait for this!

I really dig the gimmick at the end :))

Same, but I had not found such things in others yet to be honest (aside from the ones that you mentioned).

Ah, I see. Thanks for replying, even if it is a year late :))

No problem :))

I cannot wait to play this game. Looks promising :)

5/5 Stars.

This game is actually good, not gonna lie.
I cannot wait to play this!

No problem :)

I really dig this game :).

Thanks for checking out this game! I really appreciate it!

This is surprisingly good. I am thinking about running a homebrew solo campaign if I have the time.

5/5 Stars.

Thank you so much. I am looking forward to it.

Hello there. Is it possible for you to create more Dungeon Hero Zine Adventures. I really like them all as of now.

Thank you so much for this wonderful review.

Thank you so much for the kind review.

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Thank you so much for this review. I really appreciate it.

To clarify: HELP does not represent social support and the like. It only signifies the rations, resources, and supplies that you have in order to stay alive. That is why I also implemented the "use HELP to heal" kind of thing.

I hope that it helps.


5/5 Stars.

This is packed with potential. I like it, and I cannot wait to read and use this. 5/5 stars.

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All I got to say is that I am eager to devour and use this for my projects. It is packed with useful information that you can use in your projects. Thank you. 5/5 Stars.

No problem :-)

All that I could say is: M O R T I S

Good job Airdorf. You have such a great and interesting game. 5/5 stars.

Minimalistic and wonderful. Bravo. 5/5 stars.

As usual, it is a no-nonsense guide when it comes to fashion and worldbuilding. Definitely recommended if you are kind of lost about this topic.

No problem :-)

I actually love this. 5/5 Stars.

Very interesting. Packed with questions that are actually helpful when it comes to making characters for your stories or games.

5/5 Stars!

These questions provide no-nonsense and insightful forays into magic and technology.

This great document also provides them all in one neat package.

5/5 Stars!

This looks promising. Too bad I cannot afford them as of now. Is it possible for you to give me a free copy of this? If you don't want to, then it's okay.

Hooden is indeed good, Jared.

I cannot wait to play this.