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Cavenir of Secession Cycles

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The prompts are so evocative and the mechanics so exciting I cannot wait to use them in my homebrew setting. Good job!


Hello! As I continue to read the (excellent) rulebook, I noticed another confusing thing.

On page 35, it is stated that "During character creation, you can choose up to three non-power assets, including any ritual assets" but on page 29, it is stated that I must "Pick three assets (at least 1 power)".

So, which is the correct one?

Thank you so so much! It really clarifies some of the stuff that bugs me when reading and rereading the rules and assets.

Thank you so much!

One last question, since it has not been answered yet.

Do I still need to spend 1 Blood to wake up if I use the first ability of the Path of Radiance?

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Thank you so much!

But the "reverses your sleep cycle" thing is a bit unclear to me tbh. Since the rules state that I wake up every sunset, why do I need to utilize the second ability of the Path of Radiance (where it states that you wake up at sunset and rest at sunrise)?

Also, if I use the first ability of the Path of Radiance do I still need to spend 1 Blood to wake up every day?

Oh, and do I still have the ability to spend blood to pretend to be human if I have the Weak Blood asset?

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Hello! I love Elegy 3 so far. I am currently using it in a modern-day/near-future science fantasy setting where vampires and werebeasts peacefully and openly coexist with humans. I use Starforged for the humans and Silversworn for the werebeasts.

I have a few questions however:

  1. What does the second ability of the Path of the Tongue exactly do? It suddenly cuts off after the line "blood link (or your progenitor) you can".
  2. What does the first ability of the Path of Radiance exactly do? Does it mean that vampires without them sleep in the day and wake up in the night?
  3. What does the second ability of the Path of Radiance exactly do? It is a bit unclear to me tbh since it is stated in the rules that I spend 1 Blood to wake up every sunset.
  4. Can I create my own Truths or modify existing ones or am I only able to choose from the available ones?
  5. If I picked Weak Blood does it mean that I cannot pick things such as Fierce and Path of Radiance?

Thank you!

Will more community copies be added for the expanded edition? I cannot afford it because of low funds, that is why.

Will do!

Wonderful, not gonna lie.

I am glad that you liked my games!

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I am browsing my Itch feed today when I got this English-Hindu popup on every single page that I visit, even my own, on 1 PM GMT+8 (it does not appear before this). It even appears even if I am not logged in.

Any ideas? Is this a bug?

P.S. (1:50 PM GMT+8) I cannot believe a lot of people has experienced this thing around the same time, I thought I had done something wrong to be honest.

Keep in mind that I only encountered this popup on game pages (not on profile or store pages).

Thanks for taking a liking to this game :))

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this game brings be back into OSR

this is how OSR games should be to be honest

I am glad that you and your friends enjoyed my game :))

I'm glad you liked it!

Thanks for the review! Much appreciated.



I am glad that you enjoy the game!

I'm glad that you have enjoyed it!


The game has been updated! Feel free to check it out!

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You have a point. I will try my best to review and revise this game without straying away from the 200-word formula as soon as possible.

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Oh, sweet! Thank you!

Nice supplement! I could not find the non-zine pdf version of the Little Book of Loot though. Is there a mistake or is there no such thing as that?

I understand.

Don't worry, I have updated my game to v1.0.5 and it seems to do the trick just fine.

Thanks for the help by the way. Really appreciated it.

Microsoft Edge. And yes, even if I close and re-open the browser it is still there.

Browser, v1.0.4. Also, if I start with a custom name for my ship, not only is my starting crew predetermined, but also the stars that I travel to and the results of my actions, as far as I know. It all started when I decided to press the "new game" button and restart while the screen is still loading as far as I know.

Every time I restart and use a custom name for the ship, I always seem to have the same set of potential crew. Every time I restart and use a preset name, it does not seem to be the case.

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I am glad that you enjoyed it :)

I hope you enjoy it :D

No problem :))

This is actually a good game.

So much fun.

5/5 Stars!