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Yeah, I thought keeping the tone a bit more simple/flat would help come off as less stilted. Glad to hear that that seems to have worked in some way.  And glad to hear that you enjoyed it!

Well, now this is something. A VR game in a game jam. Because of what Im guessing is probably compatibility issues with my VR controllers, I played this with the jankyest setup imaginable; Sitting on the floor, keyboard in front of me, two controllers to the side, VR headset on and regular headset around my neck (that last one is my own fault, coulda fixed it, but since this only seems to start like 2/3 times for me, I played it safe). That sure was a weird experience, but still a fun one. I let Zoey rampage through the city and went down there ramaging myself. Is this polished or deep? No. Does it need to be to still be pretty fun for a few minutes? Nope. Does it need to be to still be extremely impressive? Absolutely not. Good job on this!

Short, nice, relaxing, enjoyable. Great art, some very fitting background music. Not much to say on this to be honest except... yeah, this is pretty good, especially for a game jam.

(I write a barely three sentence long comment, now that's a rare one.) 

This game, while incredebly cute and enjoyable, felt slightly confusing on the gameplay front to me. While I definetly had fun with it, I felt like I wasn't really getting enough feedback from the game to understand why things work the way they do. I understood how many friends I still had to help, and how many strings I had left, but the number of strings seemed random to me. While sometimes having like 8 and therefor being able to get the usefulness bar up to probably about 3/4ths, on some playthroughs I was just left with one string for each, managing to earn a score of 2%. 

Upon further investigation I realized that  the game seemingly does not always properly reset after a round, but only after a page reload, only giving you the amount of strings you had left from the round before. While this is understandable for a jam game, wheather intended or not, it as you can see caused a great deal of confusion for me, as I was a bit too focused on the centre of the screen and presumed a return to the title screen would mean a reset of my resources.

Now me going on about that may sound like I didn't enjoy the game, so let me correct that by saying the concept is intresting, the art charming and the game overall is just really enjoyable. I had a good time with this, even while being quite confused for the first half of my time with it.

A very neat little game about sorting books. Especially if you are not exactly well-versed in these classics (like me), I feel like the timer in challenge mode is a little strict, if at least probably still beatable, however I do not neccesarily think that that is a bad thing, as it encourages looking at these books a little closer. I very much appreachiate the inclusion of chill mode. Just taking your time with some of this wide varity of books with the rain outside is just so enjoyable somehow. Learned a bit too, a lot of these are just a tad older than I would have guessed. A very neat thing to come out of this jam.

Außerdem; guter Name.

(Just one little thing at the end; I think I caught a spelling error? Treasure island is spelled with two s here. Unless thats a refrence that went way over my head. By far nothing that detracts from the experience though)

Neat little game. Got stabbed on level 14

This was pretty cool. Really solid game. I thought the idea of having the player loose abilities over time is something that you don't see as often, and was really refreshing. I especially liked the player loosing the ability to jump relatively early, since that is something one (or at least me) is completely accostomed to having and relying on it. Of course there are some minor bugs in there, most of them relating to the 'cutscenes' like hanging in the air if you just jumped beforehand,  still being able to punch and still hearing yourself shoot, but all of those are really minor things in an otherwise solid game. Good music, a nice aesthetic, and a fun ending. Good job with the jam!

Intresting. I really liked the eerie atmosphere created by the sometimes weird handdrawn animation combined with the lack of music, or rather the music created with voices and the distorted voice speaking with you. I think the atmosphere was perfect for what seemed to have been a short stay with death.  I was kind of put off by how little was communicated in game, however on the second playthrough I had an idea of what I was doing, which just left me to read the reaction of the man on the right,wich was quite enjoyable. However, I do realise I could have had that more easily, apperently I somehow managed to miss the instructions in the description. Overall, I'd say this is a short, but enjoyable experience, that will probably make you slightly uneasy.

Thank you for the feedback! No, as it stands there is no 'pattern' of any sort, just a given chance. I do agree that that is slightly annoying at times, since one could just have a string of bad luck, but I kinda had a second player in mind while deciding this. With a set number of presses, I thought the second player might feel a little bit useless, but with the chance thrown in, there would be more of a reason to have one. However you are correct, most people will probably play this alone and a given pattern may create a simular effect. Ill keep this in mind and see if that may be a suitable compromise. 

Interesting. I have to say first and foremost, I did not play this with a second player, although I did look at the VS mode. The interpretation of the Theme is pretty literal, yet still serves as a good concept. Sandbox mode is a fun experiment, however it just does not do enough to stop the novelty of seeing how the rings will connect from wearing off pretty fast. From what Ive seen VS mode seems pretty fun, and was probably the focus, but it does seem like there wouldnt be much use for the mechanic the way its set up currently. The only way I could see the rings being an advantage is as cover, which seems to be relatively useless if its mostly behind you and this easily broken with the option of practically immeadiate followup. It seems like going straight for your opponent and maybe even using their cover as your cover, since theyll also have to deal with that, would always be a more viable strategy than trying to do anything with the rings.  Im not sure how well this would work, but maybe if the reloading speed and bullet maximum was tied to the rings somehow, it'd be more useful and engaging. Also it seemed like there were relatively few rings to go around per round. Keep in mind, again, I havent actually played against someone, so maybe Im just missing something. I really liked the music choice and the overall soundeffects, it seemed very fitting for a game like this. In game explainations would be nice. Overall Id say this is a good jam entry, but as a game, it doesnt seem like theres enough intresting things to do.

All the soundeffects are actually just me fumbeling with those cables. I'm glad that that worked as intended. But yeah, in case I get around to making an updated version, Abandoning the text wall and making everything a little more intuitive is the first thing on the list.

Really fun game! One thing though; make sure your aspect ratios are correct so people actually read your tutorial text. I didn't notice there was some until like 5 levels in, and it left me pretty confused. I was able to figure out most things, but not everything. I like the concept of RTS style gameplay without troops or whatever, but it felt a little confusing at points. Roads showing up randomly, the cost of roads seeming pretty inconsistant, even when accounting for the amount of roads connected to that building, being able to build roads for the enemy and the confusingly missing option to destroy roads. Overall, I like the idea and this could easily be the foundation of a pretty good game, but in it's current state it's mostly confusing.

Interesting concept, some really nice social commentary, but in it's current state it feels like there isn't quite enough content to keep one interested. I get that that's not really the point here, but still... Neat for a jam though.

I really enjoyed this. Nice and hectic, a simple premise, but it keeps you on your toes. I think my best score was 2150? It is really hard to keep up with anything in this game. Practically the only thing that I *really* want with this game is manual restart of the game so I can take a breather and maybe not starting with loosing the points of the previous round. Feels like you messed up before you could even do anything. Great game! Fun!

He didn't remember seeing another path. Must've been horrible, knowing of them only to not know of them.

This was a really interesting story. There was an interesting story to tell and although I'm not sure I understood any/everything, it sure got me thinking about some stuff. The writing style is one I personally haven't really seen before, it manages to conjure up weird and vague images of a bizzare world, that isn't nessecarily to be understood. I really enjoyed my time beyond the wall. However I do have to say; They're not too frequent, but Typos are the ultimate immersion breaker here. It always took a while to get the feel for the world back after one.

 The amount of player choice seemed just about right here. Pondering what letter to give, or to just let it be is something I thoroughly enjoyed, and yet it still feels like it is not my story, nothing I can control, because she is someone else, and she knows a bit more, and that put me in a very interesting 'interactive observer' role, which seemed perfect for this story. 

I personally would have liked some athmospheric music, but I understand that 1 that's not everyones thing and 2 it just wasn't the focus of this jam. Overall, I really enjoyed this, and the style may be something worth exploring further.

97.650 on the second real playthroough! A really nice game, fun if you only have a few minutes. I really liked it and don't want to come off as too negative or anything, especially since this is still a jam game, but I stumbled on three main issues during play; 1. First time starting the curser or player didn't show up at all for some reason, which left me incredibly confused at first. (Could however be a result of 3.) 2. I still have no idea what exactly triggers the balls disappearing or the survival bonus. A bit of explaination for that would be nice. 3. I almost didn't catch this at first, but playing this game in fullscreen via the unity fullscreen button makes it way harder to play and a lot more confusing than it actually was, since it seems to weirdly zoom in on the player instead of keeping the screen border where it should be. Really fun distraction though, I could see this working really well on mobile devices, although it probably would take a lot to combat the slowdown encountered in the later parts of the game.

A very interesting game. Quite a few scenarious you have to think about for a bit. Not a difficult game per se, but definetly interesting. The social cubes are fun. : )

Interesting. More well designed levels could make this a really fun game. Neat for a jam!

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Neat idea! The spawnpoint of the ball makes it feel like red has a slight advantage, but then again, I did try it by myself and won with green soooo... Neat game though! Good music!

That. Was. AWESOME! Amazing quality, fun gameplay and an interesting concept. I wish this was world one of 10 or something. The only two problems I had was that I thought it may be better to map the menu to E or something, since it did take a little too much time to get to Esc for example when I wanted to dodge a bomb and only had jump on lvl. 1. The second thing is that for some reason the flag didn't show up in lvl. 3 although I did clear out all the enemies. I went to the menu right as I shot the last one, so maybe it has something to do with that? Not being able to aim down is annoying, but makes every encounter more challenging, and forces you to think about every move you make. Anyways I would LOVE to see an updated version of this with more levels, more crazy circuts and more enemies. In case that ever happens, a custom curser would be a nice touch. This is truely impressive one of my favorite games this jam so far!

This is a very interesting idea. I struggled at first, because I didn't really understand what was going on, but most of that cleared up after reading the 'Tips' section. Maybe think about renaming it to something like 'Tips & Controls' or 'How to play' or something for people like me who see 'Tips' and immediatly go 'Ah, I'm sure I can figure it out'. The menus felt really nice and fleshed out. Also for the first few levels I thought I had only one shot for making the shape. Maybe try signaling that to the player more. The waiting and lining up of the blocks I didn't mind too much, it made the game feel more like involving careful consideration/strategy. Taking it out may result in something more 'Action-y'. The music was fitting and gave the game a fun athmosphere, however I thought it got slightly repetetive over time. Overall, a neat concept that could probably be really good with slightly more polish.

This was amazing! I only managed to find three flags after two playthroughs, but this kind of soodoo ARG/hacking thing is something I wanted for quite a while and this game delivers. Everything (obviously) took me some time to adjust to, but everytime I found a solution to a puzzle, it just made perfect sense, although they can be pretty difficult to figure out sometimes. Also the design and music are great, they got me so in the mood that I even bust out some weird sunglasses for the maximum hacker feel! Its kinda the perfect thing for a person like me, who has no idea how to hack, but still wants to feel like a movie hacker from time to time. Its nice that a place for notes is provided, however I personally prefer pen and paper for notes, it just feels a little quicker (though it probably isnt). Great game, Ill probably revisit this at some point!

This game is really good! The art is beautiful, the sound is great and it all comes together in a charming nighttime atmosphere! The premise is interesting and for a jam game a surprising amount of content is to be found here. The tutorial did its best, however I personally still struggeled slightly on what to do exactly. But, after I finally figured out that it wasn't just flavour text when I started the proper game, but a hint on where I had to go, the game became really fun! The reapers keep you on your toes just long enough so that you're not able to let your guard down, but not so much that itll keep you from exploring for too long. The only slight issue I had (apart from me not getting the tutorial for a second) was that the hints on where to go disappear a little bit too fast. Its not really an issue as long as you're prepared, but if I was able to change one thing about this game, it would be that those hints wouldn't disappear quite so quickly. But those hints were quite good, not directly giving it away, but still giving you some ideas on where to go. There is an additional hint system, however I found myself not really using it as it didn't seem like there was any urgency to do so. Maybe a highscoretimer or something would get people to use it more, however it would probably take a lot away from the really nice, chill atmosphere. Overall, a really solid game!

All very good ideas, especially taking a photo of the arrow key or something simular. I mean everything else is potographs, now it seems kinda weird I decided not to do that in retrospect. 

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This was a great experience! Just a game thats whacky, kind of nonsenseical fun. Delightful music, that somehow sold me on the art style as fun as well, since I associated it more with This war of mine and Limbo at first. Its a little challanging at places, but just enough so that the mood stays intact. And oh boy, that upgrade! 

The controls take some 'getting used to', but I think that just increases the fun factor.



happy :D

I really like the overall polish and amount of content here. However, I did have a few issues with this version of the game. First of all, it took me too long to understand that you can shoot the rope a second time, I tried to pull enemies into traps by walking for far too long. After I figuered that out though, the game became really fun! At first I thought the controls were a bit loose, kind of as if you were walking on ice, however this proved to be a non-issue during gameplay. One thing that did feel a little off was that enemies can still walk through the rope. I tried to block their path a few times out of instinct and was a little disappointed that that didnt do anything. Now, there are two things I am not sure if its just a me thing or an actual issue, but here it goes; 1. Waves started while enemies of the previous waves were very much still alive. This was probably by design, but it made my "running away and hoping the problem mostly resolves itself before I take out the last few straggelers strategy" (TM) extremely hard to execute. 2. The death animation felt a little too long. This could be because I died a lot though XD I am not great at this game, I barely made it past wave 7 after much trial and error (the difficulty ramped up pretty quickly there, no?), but it is extremely fun and the sheer amount of content,considering that this is still a jam game, is extremely impressive. I could easily see even a slightly updated Version of this going for 15 $ or something, I mean heck, during the game I forgot I was playing a jam game for a while. Really good job!

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I adore the sound design. Everything feels happy, chill and adorable. The music, the sound effects and the artstyle come together so well, that you could probably sell me anything beneath that as a good game. Luckily, even the game itself is pretty fun! The idea of just building a web/filling as much space as possible by launching a spider in the air is really good. The only issue I had was that I instinctively wanted to control the spider the other way around, so I shot my first three or so jumps straight into the ground, but I think I got the hang of it pretty quickly and most importantly without frustration. I also really like the small flavor text with each score, kinda gives you a feeling for how well you did.

A really interesting take on connect four. The power ups could really use an explaination, but I see how that wouldnt be the focus next to actually making the power ups themselves and a fairly challanging AI. I enjoyed it, really fun!