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That. Was. AWESOME! Amazing quality, fun gameplay and an interesting concept. I wish this was world one of 10 or something. The only two problems I had was that I thought it may be better to map the menu to E or something, since it did take a little too much time to get to Esc for example when I wanted to dodge a bomb and only had jump on lvl. 1. The second thing is that for some reason the flag didn't show up in lvl. 3 although I did clear out all the enemies. I went to the menu right as I shot the last one, so maybe it has something to do with that? Not being able to aim down is annoying, but makes every encounter more challenging, and forces you to think about every move you make. Anyways I would LOVE to see an updated version of this with more levels, more crazy circuts and more enemies. In case that ever happens, a custom curser would be a nice touch. This is truely impressive one of my favorite games this jam so far!


Woah, thank you so much for the amazing and detailed feedbacks ! Your ideas are really good and will definitely help me ! I'm currently working on the game to try to fix every issue encountered and to add more enemies / levels / bosses, I really feel like this concept has potential. Once again thank you, I hope that the upcoming update will provide you more fun !