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This game is really good! The art is beautiful, the sound is great and it all comes together in a charming nighttime atmosphere! The premise is interesting and for a jam game a surprising amount of content is to be found here. The tutorial did its best, however I personally still struggeled slightly on what to do exactly. But, after I finally figured out that it wasn't just flavour text when I started the proper game, but a hint on where I had to go, the game became really fun! The reapers keep you on your toes just long enough so that you're not able to let your guard down, but not so much that itll keep you from exploring for too long. The only slight issue I had (apart from me not getting the tutorial for a second) was that the hints on where to go disappear a little bit too fast. Its not really an issue as long as you're prepared, but if I was able to change one thing about this game, it would be that those hints wouldn't disappear quite so quickly. But those hints were quite good, not directly giving it away, but still giving you some ideas on where to go. There is an additional hint system, however I found myself not really using it as it didn't seem like there was any urgency to do so. Maybe a highscoretimer or something would get people to use it more, however it would probably take a lot away from the really nice, chill atmosphere. Overall, a really solid game!


Wow this is really great feedback! Thank you very much for it! We will be working on this game for a little longer and extend it with things we did not manage during the jam and we will also improve on the points give to us via feedback like yours which helps us a lot in creating a better experience for all players! Thanks again :)