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Thanks for the update you are doing an amazing job!!

Beyond excited to try the new update!!! Happy Thanksgiving to you as well!!!

Your great, don't ever forget it!!

You're welcome keep up the great work!!

I'm officially hooked on this game love love love the entire gameplay and concept!! The artwork is really nice and the content is amazing; keep up the great work!!!!

Thanks keep up the fantastic job!!!!

I must say I'm really enjoying this game! Its very unique and the story line is beyond interesting!!! 

Well damn, I'm hooked on this game!!! I was really feeling Cooper.

You guys are doing an amazing job!!! I loved everything about this project!!!!!

Your welcome!!!!

Amazing I cant wait to play again!!! Thanks for all you do!!

You are welcome!!!

You are doing an amazing job its keeps getting better and better!!!!

Thanks for keeping us posted!! This game is amazing; take as much time as you need to keep it coming along!!

You are welcome so much!!!

You are doing an amazing job on this project!!! The game is captivating and with each chapter, it gets better and better!!!

Wild life community · Created a new topic Question

I clicked on the icon to get the game but I don't see a download option all I see is information about the game and photos can someone point me in the direction to get the game.

Thanks you are doing a wonderful job!!!!

You are the best!!!!

You're welcome!!! Thank you so much for sharing that bit of information!!!!

You're welcome keep up the fantastic work!!!

You're welcome!!! So far your game is amazing I plan on going back and playing it again,  realize that they all get to mingle... I went to Blake's house and was able to do a lite quest that's what I was talking about...Keep up the good work and take as much time as you need to keep this project going!! Thanks for working on the walkthrough too.

I like the art work great game play so far!!!

You're welcome!!! Keep up the fantastic work!!!!

I'm so excited this game looks amazing cant wait to play it!!!

You are doing an amazing job on this project and the wait is worth it!! Take all the time you need lots of love to you keep up the fantastic work!!!!


Yes, you are doing an amazing job!!! Thanks I will go and check it out I'm about to play it again right now!!!

Good day, each and every one!!! I've played this game before and it is truly fantastic!! I was wondering is there a walkthrough on the love routes in this game if so tell me how to go about it.

From what I fumbled and played through on this game it is fantastic!! However, I was wondering is there a specific walkthrough for each character??? I was leaning towards Adam but my choices landed me in the path of Blake.


You are welcome and thanks!!!

You are doing fantastic!!! This game is amazing and it gets better and better with each update!! 

Love it!!!!

Thanks for the update will be playing this game!!

Lovely game!!!

Just love the artwork and the fun gameplay!!!

You are welcome and thanks for sharing the other games I will check them out!!

Love this game it was unique keep up all the fantastic work!!!!

Will go play thanks for posting this!!!

Great game I really enjoyed that tiger!!!

Thanks for all your hard work, from what I've played of it so far it is fantastic!!! I chose the tiger prince and I'm excited you are working on his route!!!