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Thanks for clearing that up for me! The art work looks great, I'm about to download it great job!!

My question is probably stupid but anyways... Is the MC tagging only Females or is it optional to pursue Males? I see this game here and on another website and it has the "gay" tag so I'm just wondering...

You're welcome!!!

This game is amazing!!! Keep up the great work I can't wait to see more!!

Thank you so much!!! You were very helpful, keep being great!!

I know I'm late but the picture you got up is good! He's sexy!!

Bro Bro!! This game is EPIC!!  I like how you incorporate a bit of everything! I realized that the options you pick gives character to the MC. The missions at the end are great. I was wondering are you going to conclude it where the MC will be given some type of ending by picking a love interest? So far Sam is my interest, but the Purple Guy and Redick is also interesting... Keep up the great work!!

So far everything is amazing I plan on playing more of it today!!

I know this update is going to be great I am going to play it today!! Keep up the fantastic work!!

This game is amazing!!! I'm still in the process of playing around with it. I hope to see more gay content and perhaps be able to pursue  a regular relationship with one of the male members in the castle.. Also was hoping to ditch Alexa for Andre.  I've been avoiding Alexa whenever possible; it seems Andre is crazy about her too. Also is it better to pick Patricia or Jacques?

Keep Up The Fantastic Work!!

You're welcome!!

You're welcome!!


You're welcome! This game is my favorite!!! The content is beyond amazing!! I'm so excited about the rest of the game; looking forward to it!!!


Great game keep up the fantastic work!

Job well done!! I love how you took Charlie Brown and gave it a horror twist, keep up the fantastic work!!

You're welcome 😊 I'm so excited ❤️

OMG!! I just finished playing it and I can't wait for season 2! Wow!!! Everything was FANTASTIC!!!! Great walkthrough it really was useful and helped me out a lot. The ending was surprising...Keep up the great work!! 

You're welcome!!! Keep up the great work!!!

OMG! Hats off to you and the team on this amazing project! This game is fantastic love love love all your dedication!

This game is fantastic, I really enjoyed it keep up the great work!!!

Keep up the great work!!

Your welcome wishing you the best!!

Great to hear from you I'm happy you are well! Great game!!

You are doing an amazing job on this game keep up the great work!!

So excited for this new project!!!

Thanks for all your great work!!

Indeed have a great day!!

Thanks a million for your wonderful feedback! You and your team are doing an excellent job on this project!!

Greetings to everyone!!

I have a question for the PC version. I was wondering when does the new quest start with the king, because I have version 18 and I don't see anything to do on the game. I see a messaging saying (new main quest available in the next version). I did walk around the map and the village and found some underwear but that's about it.

You're welcome!!

Great game!!

Thanks for your feedback!!!

I was wondering when does the MC get to help the King because I have version 9.17 and the only thing I was able to do was go around town and see scenes. I went into the throne room but nothing happens.  The only prompt I saw to do was get higher equipment. In this version I don't see any new quests to do; nothing new  is unlocked.

Great job on all you do!!!

Thank you so much for your wonderful feedback, keep up the excellent job.

The project mangers are doing a good job on this game. I'm wondering is this project only going to remain  an updated demo version which keeps ending the same way ?

Is this game going to reach some sort of ending??? Although there are a lot of great updates but its pretty much the same. 

THank you so much for your wonderful feedback. You're doing a great job with this game can't wait to see more 🥰