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Nice game and cool idea, I like the art style, and the bouncy bouncy doggies, maybe a dash feature could be added since the dog feel slower as it gets bigger. Nice soundtrack too xD

Here you go :)

The game is good, nice idea lol! The levels look great I wasnt able to try the level 2 fully yet, Ill try later maybe. Overall I liked it :) I upload the video later, rating and commenting since the time for rating is running out :p

Here you go :) fun game!

I liked how simple and it was. Enjoyable game! After I figured it out it was easy and fun to deliver packages. Boost is pretty nice to do. I like the neon theme as well!

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Heyy thanks a lot for including our game in your twitch stream, I think this would be our first video gameplay :p It definitely helps a lot for further development. And no problem with the volume, I was able to understand by using earphones

Ill try yours soon!

Last few hours left for ratings to end
Just bumping this thread here :p


Aweosme game!

Thank you :)

Here you go :)

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The art and animation was fine, the controls were good, but I wasnt able to find a proper goal. And also what exactly is the "gun" used for, I wasnt sure, it was doing nothing to the enemies :p But I liked the style and the originality, good job on that. Maybe add a bit better gun, and more elements than memorising the packets without enemies

Here's the game made by our team, would be nice if you would try it out :)

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Crash Image



Here are the logs from LocalLow in AppData (Windows 10)

Happy to help :)

Ooh level editor sounds good!

Here you go :) This was my second attempt (I wasnt able to get the first attempt in one video due to that error)

Its actually a good game. Calming and peaceful as well. I would've liked to keep playing, it ends fast :p There are a lot of things to keep in mind like ammo health and hunger, the story and art is cute too.

Only one thing was that when I lost the application threw an error.

Thanks :)

Here you go :)

It's a nice game, nice ideas. Calming music. You can have more levels later on. Jump height looks a bit too much tho. 

Awesome! looking forward to the new version :)

I really liked the game, fun and simple good sounds too, loved playing it. Reached 37 score :)

Here you go :) Nice and simple game man. Reached 37 score :)

Here :)

I got 37 ^^ 
I was so so close to 40, so close! Video uploading

Yeaa! :)
Lucus had commented here ^^
Ah yes its nice to finish a jam game idea!

Nice game! :)

It was a nice game. When i saw the pillar like things in the green acid I remembered portal xD

There's a lot of levels for a 2 day game jam, good job on that! The levels are good. The controls were good enough, although at first i thought the jump was a bit floaty. But I guess in the later levels that becomes useful as well, being able to make inhuman jumps :p,

I feel that the graphics is good enough but the performance felt bad. There were only cubes and some post fx and maybe the acid shader, and it felt taxing on my PC, but hey its a game jam game.

Overall I liked it !

PS: I havent finished that last level yet :p Oh man I just saw, i have to restart from the beginning? I had closed the app :( I almost had it, the last level! Let me know when there's another version with all levels unlocked if possible

It's a really good game, nice and original idea I feel. The passcode at the end was a nice touch xD Nice music and art style as well! Would like to see more levels in the future :)

Thanks :) xD 
We are thinking of mobile version, we still have to discuss with the team on it

Her you go :) I liked your game!

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Thanks :) xD 

We didnt have time for intermediate levels, thats why the difficulty increases like that. Thanks for the feedback, we'll think about these when we work on it :) Whopping wolves on the head with a stick sounds funny and nice, but we have to see if we get time to implement it, we'll polish the existing ones first and then move onto the rest if possible. We'll discuss with the team in a few days 

Thats true even I've seen a few games which are good but haven't gotten much ratings. I feel that even tho ratings comes under "being competitive", the number of ratings would directly coorelate with the number comments and hence feedback. And jams and mainly about fun and feedback and learn in and improving. If the genuine people don't get feedback then it's a failing system...

But on the other hand there are also ways to make sure your games get ratings. I'm not sure about this jam but in ludum dare if you rate others' games you are sure to get ratings for yourself. Another way is being active in the community. And that works in this jam too obviously. I hope that the issue of bits don't undermine the good thing we have here. There should be ways to ban or avoid bots right. Jams are really fun and I've just started jamming. Hoping to keep doing it!

ill try!

ohk cool. Thanks for the info :)

Thanks :)

Thanks :

Here you go :) I liked the game

No I havent! I'll play around and see. Any hints? :p inside mall or outside?

There was one small issue tho, it just came up on youtube now, thankfully nothing to be alarmed of tho, its a copyright claim of some music but it only bars monetisation so its ok. Would be good to look into it

Loved the art especially the pets, fire water etc, The 2d player character is good, but there's a stuttering in between, maybe the camera update runs before all movement is done? Interesting puzzle like gameplay, good job

Yeaa! Thanks :)

Here you go! Played rate and commented :)

Nice game lol, funny xD
I tried all difficulties, the attack seems a bit slow thats all. Love all the sound effects!