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Cacti gang!

Outcast2 is the genius behind our insane cover art!

Ahaha, thank you, we actually fixed that but weren't able to upload the fixed version for the jam in time!

Simple but really nice art, liked the story as well!

Simple but really nice art, liked the story as well!

Great work, love the idea, wish more was interactable though!

Pretty art, love the sprites! Wowie indeed!

The game looks so pretty, and the music is just as great. Amazing Game!

The puzzles were really intriguing, had a lot of fun!

Cool game, I really liked the music and UI! Well done~

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Hello! Team Puririndo is looking for just another artist to help with the upcoming jam.

We already have 2 programmers, a musician and a 3d artist.

We're looking for just 1 more artist, preferably a 2d illustrator, designer or background designer, UI designer, or another 3d artist.

That was fast! Thanks found the last artist!

Thank you! That happened when we tested as well but there was nothing obvious that was missing and we were running out of time before submitting so we let it in with how little it occured ^^"

Thank you so so much! I'm glad you found the upgrades fun, it was worked on late so we didn't have as much time as we wanted with it but it definitely was our core we wanted to revolve around and we definitely had fun with it as well c:

The 4th card upgrade are all jokes! Since everything dies in one hit, defense, healing doesnt do anything and becoming bigger makes you a bigger target cX

I was REALLY hard making it a step up from Crab Arena 3 but I think we managed to get it over the standard!

I'm glad you found my lame jokes entertaining ahaha, I had a lot of fun making them with my partners in crime. I can definitely see now how much impact our lack of explanations have but I'm glad past that, the game is entertaining for most! 

Should added that into the info thinking about it now and seeing how unintuitive that decision was. Really happy to see that everyone who managed to get past said hurdle had as much fun as we did making the game

Just 4? That's better than all of us making the game! Thank you so much, that's exactly the feeling we wanted and had with the rounds going deeper c:

Thank you! Upgrades were really the name of the game here, we definitely put that as part of our core gameplay loop. Controlled randomness does sound like a really good  idea though, didn't consider it at all c:

Definitely can see that, it was inspired by some of the auto battlers, that said slight controls through either basic movement guiding or activatable skills, no time though :P

It was definitely something we took awhile to formulate but I think we came out alright on that front. We were also hoping to add slight movement controls but there wasn't enough time for that.

Thank you! Was hoping to add slight movement controls but coming out with only 45 minutes before the deadline meant that there wasn't enough time ^^"

This is beyond adorable, everything about it is so so so cute. I loved it so much, the cute designs, font, everything! I only wish there was some cute lighthearted music to go along with this and maybe some bubble pop noises for effects! 

Trying to aim was really hard but intended i think, Multiball does make it a lot smoother. UI and design is so clean! Would have loved to hear some SFX and maybe some music with it, think it would make the shots feel so much more impactful.

Was a little confused at first but got the idea after 2 tries, simple, but looks really nice!

Really just short, simple and cute, all that it needs to be c:

Beautiful game with a bop soundtrack. Sneaky spikes around as well, had a couple laughs! c:

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Hello everyone, my name is Jeri and I'm a third year student in Game Development. I've done a few jams and I'm having the time of my life making games since I love to play games as well. 

Looking hopefully for long term collaboration. I just seem kinda bummed that most collaborations are either paid or don't last 2 weeks. I understand people don't want to "Waste" their time but is there really no one else that wants to just work together on a game or two, maybe more, for the sake of having fun while making games? >.>

Either way, I'm looking for an artist to work on a game with, you don't need to contribute ideas if you don't want to but it would be nice to have a discussion. I  do have a few games but I'd like to share that on discord to anyone interested at all ^^ Jrinite#2135