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Jessica Turner

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Posting it here too :)

Nice game! Here’s some feedback:

  • It’s really difficult to stop the character since the character is so small and moves really quick. Often, I find myself having to click multiple times to make it stop and losing a chunk of health in the process. A commenter talked about using a button to make the character stop and I agree, I think that would help a lot.
  • Visuals are really nice, and levels are simple but engaging.
  • It would be nice to be able to exit levels without having to quit the game entirely. I tried a multitude of different keys and looked in the instructions to see if I missed it.

Pretty good game, just needs some adjustments to make it more player friendly :)

Putting this here too :)

Really satisfying game, visuals are simple but clear and really add to the overall aesthetic. The sounds of the keys clacking sound are really good. Just a bit of feedback: 

  • Would feel better to be able to repeat commands by pressing the up arrow like on terminal/ command prompt.
  • The fail sound is really unpleasant. I reckon it could be a lot quieter. 
  • Levels are engaging and UI communicates each element really well.
  • Would like to have a text reminder for each level, telling the player to type help to remember the commands. 

Overall really good game!

Really liked the atmosphere of the game. The observations really added to the feeling of hopelessness. I wasn't quite sure on what I was meant to do, I'm assuming I only get a limited number of actions then I have to wait and see what happens? Other than that, it's a really promising concept!

Really tricky game but awesome concept! Nice work!

Really nice game! The graphics are really polished and I like the concept of having to fight against the shooting to avoid getting hit/ falling off. The controls were very intuitive. Great work!

Very simple but challenging game. Awesome work :D

Really well designed game. Very impressed with the levels and visual design. The different controls for each of the ships was a really unique take on the theme. Awesome work!

Really adorable game. Very polished art assets and sound. Awesome work!

Thank you for taking the time to play the game! And thank you so much for the fanart! I love it  :D

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Game is pretty fun! Really nice presentation. The game can be cheesed though. You can beat the game by crafting and placing no turrets. Since you can repair the wheels? that that cowboys are aiming at, you can just spam repair on one until the timer runs out. Otherwise, pretty great game :D

Nice simple presentation! Music is a bit repetitive but suits the style of game. Couldn't get that far in the game due the really hard controls. If the ship was a bit slower so navigation was a bit easier to manage, the game would be a lot better imo :)

Interesting looking game! 

Pretty cool concept with having to collect your controls before each round!

Thanks! You should, python is pretty fun :P