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I put it on the tutorial, but maybe because of the text was too long I can assume not everybody saw it haha I have to take that to make more interactive tutorials :P
I won't continue with this game, because it was like my first game and my first game jam, I think is finished for the goals I had with it, so I'm moving on to develop other games :)

And your game es awesome! Está demasiado bueno, muy bien hecho :D

Really great game, the theme is applied very good and the mechanics are great, I suggest you change the controls "Space" to rewind and "Q" to make the action, because I feel the Space is more for the core mechanic, and it was a little weird the attack movement of Manolo, the middle one, I felt the hit box of the puch was pretty closed to the hit box of his body, but more than that, the game is perfect, one of my favorites so far, incredible job! Congrats!

¡Qué buen juego! La verdad muy bien elaborado :D ¡Felicitaciones!

I like how smooth were the controls and the idea of the rewind being that you have to take back your age is cool, but there were some things I didn't liked, the map generation usually gets you stucked, like, you can access 2 or 3 rooms but no more, so the player age for ages (xD). Sometimes the enemies appear in your facem it happens to me when I started the game and I didn't know what to do, also would be a good idea to add some text on the first rooms that says "Move with WASD and Left click to shoot", and sometimes, when I went to the rooms on the left the camera didn't followed me e.e

But the idea has a good potencial, for example, you can have diferent powers or ranges if you are younger or older c:

Here you have :)

Here you have :)

OMG, what a great review! Thank you very much :3 I'll have in account everything you said to improve and obviously get better con the good things! Thank you very much!! :D

Amazing game! Was very fun to play! :D I LOVE IT! A LOT!!!!

Here you have :D

I think rewinding the time makes the game a little easier e.e but it's a cool game, I recommend to make the enemies follow you if you are in the same room, it's weird when they follow you when you are in other room, but great game :)

here's mine :D

Great visuals! But very hard game :P

Here is mine :P

The theme is really good and the dialogues too, but I think the dialogues are showing too slow, but great game :)

Here's mine,

I'm on my way to review yours :P

Loved the game, the story is great and the graphics are excellent, the mechanics are good, the only thing maybe to add some animations when the robot is walking, but very impressive game!

I forgot to say, the enemies pathing was really good!!!!

The graphics are amazing, and the tutorial was really good to educate the player. I think that the enemies did damage to easy, I think the damaged me when I hit them, also, if you stand on the top corner of somehing, you can hit the enemies without getting any damage haha, but was really cool, had a lot of fun :P

Here you have :)

Really good adaptation on the theme, the mechanics are hard but it's really goodm and the graphics are great! :) I'm gonna review yours :P

Thanks! Yeah, I think it was very simple

I couldn't pass the dog :( haha but the game looks amazing! Has a lot of potencial, maybe you can add some arrows on the first things to do to kind of educate the player :P But really cool game!

You can rate mine :D

Hi :D

Yeah, that's kind of the idea, I didn't wanna use the rewind as "take me all the steps back to where I was" but more about "take me to where I was" e.e

Hi!The idea is very wood, I liked it a lot. I would just add a skip button at the beginning when the text appears, because is kind of frustrating reading every time I lose, and maybe a reset button to not going back to the menu screen again, other than that, maybe a good idea would be to show the player more about what's ahead, the game kinda relies to play it a couple of times to know the way. But very creative game :)

Be my guest :)

Very amazing game! One of the best, the idea of the implementation of the rewind to been able to be an egg is just genius :3 I loved the game, played all levels, had a lot of fun!
Maybe, if you continue with this project in the future, there are some weird collisions, that I could walk on the walls, haha but that's it :3

This is amazing! I enjoyed a lot :D Passed aall the game :3

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed the game :3

Thank you very much! :D I put so much effort on learning voxel art on this jam and tried to implement that here :3

It was good, but give in the game the controls e.e for someone who doesn't read the description will be confusing :P

Good mechanics :)

Thanks, did you tried to use the X button on the light boxes and the Z on the dark boxes?

Did you try to press Z on the dark brown boxes before the ghost time ends? :P Thank you!

The grpahics and style of the game are amazing! And the gameplay is no disapointing, is quite addictive, very good job :3

I tried yesterday I think, and I love it haha

The movement of the player is really good and the theme fits great there, I actually would like to play on my phone, I think it would be a great game to pass time when you have to wait or something, trying to beating my own score or other ones, instead of pressing "SPACE" could be just touching the screen, really good game! Congrats!

Good job! Just give a little more visual information about what to do :)