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Good feel! :D

I love the style,  atmosphere and music a LOT. 
I think the concept is good but the mechanic to get extra speed and reach the other hemisphere is a little bit complex  and difficult to aim, I suggest you to try something more direct and simple ;)

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Thanks for playing!!
I'm going to add sound, screen shake,  more visual feedback this weekend just for fun :D

It's easy and enjoyable to play. Good work!

Wow It reminds me of old times playing wario ware. Good work :D

Thanks a lot for the feedback :D

I'm working right now to fix that, add more characters and a multiplayer online ^^

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I think you have the record by now XD

I would be happy to join the PaintJam next year. I really had fun doing this game. Thanks for hosting ^^

Hey show a screenshot or something :D I would like to see those "full paint mode" graphics (I'm going full paint mode too)

This is my game for now (a little local multiplayer arena)

The gameplay is almost ready. Tomorrow I want to make selectable characters, UI and sounds (I will use Audacity and my mic).
I'm asking to my friends to make "paint masterpieces" as characters to include in the game. I think it will be fun...

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Hi everyone!
I'm looking for a 2D/3D artist and a SFX designer/composer for my team.
We are 3 developers ready to make cool things.

If you want to team up with us let me know.
You can contact me by:
This thread, a contact form or my twitter @jesusnoseq

Join us! :D


We have a 3D artist :D another one is also welcome :)
We already have the game idea.
It looks like we have a composer too :D