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The current version is made with Gamemaker 1.4, so the language is GML. However, I'm currently porting it to Gamemaker 2 for the up coming update.

Version 0.2.0 is Live!

Huge update this week! A new zone has been added! After system number 8, things get a little stranger. 4 new enemies and a new planet type are added to this zone, with more to come. 

There is also a new building type to be found on planet; the refinery, where you can refine mined resources (and possibly something else!) for a price, which can then be sold for more income than the unrefined versions.

Full Change Log

  • New zone!
  • New planet type
  • 4 new enemies
  • Refineries added
  • Reduced the income from metal ores
  • New poisoned state
  • Fixed a crash when enemies where struck by lightning
  • Fixed be able to warp with more than a 3rd fuel and going into negative fuel

Version 0.1.3 is now live! 

Full change log:

  • New Gun: Rail Gun
  • New Secondary: Slow-Mo Mine
  • New Item: Guide Pod
  • Fixed certain weapons unlocking under the wrong circumstances
  • Fixed certain items not appearing on the map

The main focus now will be on finishing the second 'zone'. This won't be released until it has enough content. This likely means there won't be an update next Friday to give me enough time to get it done. The next update will be 0.2.0!

Introducing the new Slow-Mo Mine! When enemies or their weapon fire enter the mines range, they move 3 times slower, speeding up again when they exit the range.

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Version 0.1.4 is now live! 

More Here:

Started adding a system whereby you can upgrade the space stations with turrets that attack your enemies. There will be 3 upgrades available, and upgrading one station will affect all stations from that point on during your current run.

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New mechanic implemented today! Mining asteroids. It's non-essential unless your desperate for cash, and quite time consuming without the right equipment, but some of the resources mined can be sold for quite a profit! Speaking of equipment, I've added a new weapon and a new piece of equipment which will be available in Fridays update!

Also, Deeper Into Space now has a Facebook page. It would really help if you could take the time to give it a like. Thanks everyone!

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Version 0.1.3 is now live! 

Full change log:

  • V-sync is now off by default.
  • Press F1 for HUD help overlay.
  • Some optimization.
  • New weapon: Graviton Gun.
  • One new enemy.
  • Fixed some issues with turrets.

Read more here:

Added a new weapon! The Graviton Gun:

The secrets to unlocking this weapon must be discovered!

Also spent a good portion of the day trying to figure out why some code wasn't working, only to realise that I had declared a variable with the same name as a variable in the objects parent.This obviously conflicted with the new variable. Tad annoying to waste so much time, but got it working in the end. Relief > frustration.

I've had some feedback that its not entirely clear what everything on the HUD means. I think that's fair. The whole GUI need some work anyway, but for now, you can press F1 and the game will pause and label all the HUD elements, telling you what they represent. 

Started work on a new planet type today. These planets will appear later in the game, most abundantly in the second "zone" (after 8 jumps). They will have different features than the blue planets, and do not have an oxygen rich environment, so keep an eye on that O2!

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Version 0.1.2 Released!

Full Change log 

  • Things are now unlocked at the end of a run, rather than during.
  • New inventory functionality (see above).
  • New HUD graphics for equipment.
  • Two new items to unlock and discover.
  • Fixed certain items ignoring the player level requirements.

Added 2 new items that can be unlocked and found.

Also fixed certain items ignoring the level requirement to use them.

There are a few items now that won't work in certain situations. Previously you just heard the "no can do" sound whenever you tried something and it wouldn't work. Now you get a handy message too, telling you why it didn't work.

I have quite a few planned items that will have passive benefits. For example, an exit locator that automatically reveals the exit location, as long as you have one in your inventory.  With items like this in the game, equipped items taking up inventory space could eventually be a problem.  So, now when you equip weapons etc, they are removed from your inventory and placed into an appropriate extra slot. These slots can be accessed by holding 'E' (right bumper on gamepad) when your inventory is open so they can be un-equipped if you need to.

Did a little work on the HUD today.

Old vs new equipped items

The new radial look fits a lot better with the radial inventory, and will work better with a change I'm working on, which I  hope to get finished tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Radial Inventory

Worked on the unlocking system today. Previously an item was unlocked and added to the pool of loot as soon as you met the requirements. Now, the requirements are checked at death, and any unlocks are presented to the player before the runs stats are shown and the unlocked item will be available for the next run.

I feel this is a lot neater, and is also slightly faster, as the game doesn't have to constantly check all the unlock requirements for every item as you play.


Version 0.1.1 of Deeper Into Space is now live!

Its the first update for the game, so there may be teething problems. If you were in the middle of a run from the previous version, that will be lost and you will have to start a fresh run. All your stats and unlocks you earned previously SHOULD all still be there though. Any crashes or anything weird, please, please let me know!

Whats new?

  • Two new pieces of equipment to unlock and discover.
  • A new planet element.
  • A new mysterious item to find!
  • Large asteroid fields.
  • Fixed a problem with unlocking items.

So, there are several lists containing all the loot (different lists for different rarity). When an item is unlocked, it gets added to the list, and is then available to find or buy from shops. The problem was, when an item was unlocked, it was being constantly added to the appropriate list! This means it was pretty much guaranteed that any loot you found was going to be the last thing you unlocked every single time.  This is now fixed! It's also been fixed in the demo too.

Launch into space and fight your way through procedurally generated systems of ever increasing danger. Explore the galaxy as you travel, all the while maintaining your jump fuel and oxygen reserves.

Deeper Into Space is a single player, 2D space survival/shooter, with rogue-like elements, for Windows.

How deep into space can you go?

Deeper Into Space is still in early development, and as a result is likely to evolve with player feedback. The game is an entirely solo project, so player feedback is vital to the future development of the game. If you purchase the game now, all future updates will be free!

Currently, the player can fight their way from system to system, levelling up their ship as they progress. Right now there are 7 different enemy types and one Boss enemy. Bosses are optional enemies and can usually be avoided if you don't have the guts, but they offer great rewards if you can take them down. At the moment you can progress for as long as you can survive. There is no 'end'. 

Game page:

Follow me on Twitter for updates:

I would eventually like to get the game to Steam, but not until it is in a more complete state. keeps a log of every purchase, so if and when it does make it to Steam, sending Steam keys to people who have already purchased here should not be a problem.

Thanks a lot for playing!

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Launch into space and fight your way through procedurally generated systems of ever increasing danger. Explore the galaxy as you travel, all the while maintaining your jump fuel and oxygen reserves.

Deeper Into Space is a single player, 2D space survival/shooter, with rogue-like elements, for Windows.

How deep into space can you go?