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It's not currently possible to rebind keys. I will be looking into implementing it in the future.

Thanks for the report! Will be fixed in the next update.

Hi KeronCyst, thank you so much for sharing your notes. Some excellent insight and suggestions. 

I have seen some dislike for the starting weapons accuracy before, so I agree this needs changing. I was already planning on making weapons more accurate when you are stationary (to make shooting loot boxes easier) but also enemies more accurate when you are stationary too, as I want the player to keep moving during combat, not become a turret.

Some notes: 

- You need to hold 'E' to re-right your ship on planets.

- While mines don't track enemies, they will explode when enemies collide with them.

- Enemy missiles will explode after 4 seconds.

As I said, a lot of great suggestions. I really appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts. If you wouldn't mind, could you e-mail me the screenshots you mentioned?

Thanks again! 

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Hi Magenta. This issue has come up before. Unfortunately I have been unable to recreate the problem my end, and as it's a crash with no error message it's very difficult to determine what the problem is, but I am investigating. 

It is possible to make the game playable again if you delete save_data.dat from: c: Users > [username] > AppData > Local > Deeper_Into_Space.  Sadly that will reset your progress I'm afraid. I'm sorry there is not a more agreeable solution, but as I said, I am looking into it.


Hold up. If you haven't deleted your save_data.dat just yet, hold off from doing it. I'm pretty sure I have (finally) found the issue and fixed it. A patch should un-brick the game, and while you will lose the current run, all your unlocks and stats will remain. I'm going to do some more testing to make sure and hope to get an update out tomorrow.

Thanks for this, it was very helpful. Think I found the problem, I'd left in some redundant code that was conflicting with the new code.  Hope to get an update out some time tomorrow (Dec 1st).

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Hi Magenta Lizard, thanks for the report and sorry you are encountering this problem. I am investigating. Could you please tell me if a crash report appeared after it crashed, and if so, copy and paste it here the next time it happens? Also, do you remember what weapons you were using when it happened?

Has anyone else experienced this?

Ok excellent, thanks for letting me know. I will investigate the Railgun issue.

Hi kurtistkurt, thanks for letting me know about this. I'm hoping the latest patch has resolved it. If you still get white screen on startup deleting save_data.dat should make it playable again, but will unfortunately reset the game to a fresh install. save_data.dat is located in c: Users > [username] > AppData > Local > Deeper_Into_Space.

Just pushed 0.3.9a which removes some debugging stuff that was accidentally left in, 'cause I'm an eejit.

Patch is live - 0.3.8a. Please let me know if you are still experiencing problem. Thanks!

Hi  Alterae, thanks for bringing this to my attention. I believe you are correct and I am working on a fix for this which should be available in the next few days.

Thanks for the reply Skizomeuh. New build is available. Should be fixed. Please let me know if have any more problems. Thanks again!

Thanks for the report, I will look into it. To be clear, this was on starting the game, or launching your ship? Does it happen every time? And have you previously played on your desktop? Thanks a lot.

Anybody else experiencing this?

Hey Roldy, thanks for the report. I finally managed to recreate this crash. It actually occurs when you select an inventory item just as the inventory is nearly fully closed. You have to be pretty frame perfect to do it, so for now, just being careful will avoid the crash. 

It will be fixed in the next update, along with some other fixes and some new gear!

It's still working. If it's a previous run from before the patch it's possible something has gone wrong though. Dropping it and collecting it again should fix it though.

It shouldn't have. The crash was just a typo in the archive code, so nothing changed with functionality of the items. Maybe you've just been unlucky. I will check it though.

They are Credits, a rare currency. You collect them from certain tough enemies. I plan on adding more ways to collect Credits in the future.

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Hi Friendlies, thanks for the report. Hotfix is out, should be fixed now.

Hi Roldy, thanks for the feedback, glad you like it!

Discovering game play is a big part of rogue-likes and I intend to add some secrets and more points of interest over time.

Your progress and score is pretty good for early game! Nice!

Thanks for the reports! I've fixed this. Small update coming later today

Sell them. I realise at the moment it's more profitable to sell unrefined ores. I've adjusted this and hope to get a small release out later today. 

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Hi Anton! Thanks for playing, and while I'm sorry you didn't have a great time, I'm grateful you took the time to give this feedback. I always meant for the game to be hard, but findng the right balance is tough, so feedback like this is important, especially for an early access game like this.

The game is a balancing act of leveling up, searching for loot crates (there is always at least one in each system, currently) and deciding when to move on to the next system. 

Your feedback has given me some ideas and I hope you come back to the game in the future!

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Thanks for the report. I'm looking into it!

[FIXED in v0.3.6]

Hi Deathray, thanks for the comment and I'm glad you are enjoying the game!

O2 is the main motivator to drive the player forward, and the O2 canisters are the main way you should be looking to re-fill. Buying O2 from a station should be a last resort, or a stop-gap to finding a canister. So, once you have explored a system you should be looking to jump to the next. Look for loot crates (white squares on the map), these are where you will find the canisters. If you are low on O2 when you jump in, there WILL be one somewhere in the system.

I'll look at the wording of the tutorial and also look at adding a general "this is your goal" tutorial to make things clearer. 

Hope this helps, thanks for playing!

Hi jaargon.

You should still be able to destroy the asteroid and free yourself. Also, if you get stuck on your side on a planet, holding 'E' on keyboard or 'A' on X-Box controller will re-right your ship automatically, which should also free you if wedged.

The game saves after you leave a system, and before you enter the new one. So, as a last resort, returning to the main menu and continuing your game will only lose your progress from when you entered the system to when you got stuck.

Hope this helps. Thanks for playing!

Fling javelins as far as you can in Super Javelin! Create a character and take on either human opponents in hot-seat multiplayer or some of the AI characters. 

Super Javelin is a game I made a long time ago, and I decided to polish it up a bit and release it for free on Hopefully it will give some people something to kill some time with, or occupy their family for a little bit during these times.

If there is a lot of interest in the game I may expand on it, but we shall see.

Thanks for reading, thanks for playing, stay safe!

Whats the best throw you have ever thrown? Let me know here! Tweet a screenshot of your best throw to @JRoberts_Games!

Post anything buggy, glitchy, or unexpectedy in here and I will do my best to fix it!

The current version is made with Gamemaker 1.4, so the language is GML. However, I'm currently porting it to Gamemaker 2 for the up coming update.

Version 0.2.0 is Live!

Huge update this week! A new zone has been added! After system number 8, things get a little stranger. 4 new enemies and a new planet type are added to this zone, with more to come. 

There is also a new building type to be found on planet; the refinery, where you can refine mined resources (and possibly something else!) for a price, which can then be sold for more income than the unrefined versions.

Full Change Log

  • New zone!
  • New planet type
  • 4 new enemies
  • Refineries added
  • Reduced the income from metal ores
  • New poisoned state
  • Fixed a crash when enemies where struck by lightning
  • Fixed be able to warp with more than a 3rd fuel and going into negative fuel

Version 0.1.3 is now live! 

Full change log:

  • New Gun: Rail Gun
  • New Secondary: Slow-Mo Mine
  • New Item: Guide Pod
  • Fixed certain weapons unlocking under the wrong circumstances
  • Fixed certain items not appearing on the map

The main focus now will be on finishing the second 'zone'. This won't be released until it has enough content. This likely means there won't be an update next Friday to give me enough time to get it done. The next update will be 0.2.0!

Introducing the new Slow-Mo Mine! When enemies or their weapon fire enter the mines range, they move 3 times slower, speeding up again when they exit the range.

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Version 0.1.4 is now live! 

More Here:

Started adding a system whereby you can upgrade the space stations with turrets that attack your enemies. There will be 3 upgrades available, and upgrading one station will affect all stations from that point on during your current run.

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New mechanic implemented today! Mining asteroids. It's non-essential unless your desperate for cash, and quite time consuming without the right equipment, but some of the resources mined can be sold for quite a profit! Speaking of equipment, I've added a new weapon and a new piece of equipment which will be available in Fridays update!

Also, Deeper Into Space now has a Facebook page. It would really help if you could take the time to give it a like. Thanks everyone!

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Version 0.1.3 is now live! 

Full change log:

  • V-sync is now off by default.
  • Press F1 for HUD help overlay.
  • Some optimization.
  • New weapon: Graviton Gun.
  • One new enemy.
  • Fixed some issues with turrets.

Read more here:

Added a new weapon! The Graviton Gun:

The secrets to unlocking this weapon must be discovered!

Also spent a good portion of the day trying to figure out why some code wasn't working, only to realise that I had declared a variable with the same name as a variable in the objects parent.This obviously conflicted with the new variable. Tad annoying to waste so much time, but got it working in the end. Relief > frustration.

I've had some feedback that its not entirely clear what everything on the HUD means. I think that's fair. The whole GUI need some work anyway, but for now, you can press F1 and the game will pause and label all the HUD elements, telling you what they represent. 

Started work on a new planet type today. These planets will appear later in the game, most abundantly in the second "zone" (after 8 jumps). They will have different features than the blue planets, and do not have an oxygen rich environment, so keep an eye on that O2!