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Wow rough game! I think the down time between moon shot is a bit too long. 

Nice little metroidvania. Great work!

Cool game! Lots of similarity with mine!


Thanks! Yes the controls require a bit of time to get used to. I wanted to make it challenging :)

Really nice graphics and animation!

Nice game, are the level procedurally generated? Or are we starting at a random point in the same level?

The art is really cool. How to you get resource, I click on it but nothing seems to happen

Love the music!

Funny idea for the movement! Nice art

What a relaxing game :) Love the change in the background color

Awesome game!!! Really fun

Nice game, got to the bass drop of the song :D

Impressive! Hard to get at the beginning but I really like the concept.

Art and controls are nice

Art and music are awesome !

Very fun game. Good level design. Didn't have time to finish but played through a good 20 levels I think.

Wow this game is hard! Got me hooked it's very satisfying to mine.

So satisfying to slash, nice movement

Cool little game! Maybe you could try to make us aim&shoot at the zombie with the mouse?

You need to dampen the impact, its easier on the planet near the sun.

The back of the ship needs to touch the planet first.

Thanks for playing! I can only thank my good friend oodnuf for the beauty of the game :) Yeah the game is quite punishing, at least I added a checkpoint system at the very last minute to make it a little bit more beatable


Yeah we didn't have time to do all the animation that we wanted to sadly. Thanks for playing :)

ty bro

Thanks for playing! Was fun to see someone experience it for the first time. You were like 3 platforms away from the end of the level.

I didn't intend for you to just jump over the boss and tank the damage, should have made it bigger. 

What fix exactly are you talking about? I put so much time on the movement script but it was my first platformer and I had to leave it as is at some point if I wanted to complete the jam.

Very nice gameplay. Agree with Nicolas that it's addicting 

Nice pixel art!

Love the 3D pixel style art !

The kill sounds is so satisfying :)

Love the art! good job

Very fun!

Love the assets and the shadow, I think the walk speed should be a bit increased to make it a bit faster.

Very cool art and animation. The dash is super satisfying to do.

This game has a lot of potential ! Nice pixel art

Love the art and the UI! Lots of asset, good job!

Nice concept, bit complicated to get but was fun!

Very nice art & animation!

Cool game! Could use some UI improvement with the anchors and the enemy are appearing a bit slow. Very impressive for a first game made in 3 days!