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Check your equipment, you probably have an MP Sealing item equipped.

Yes! You can find your save files in C:\Users\*Username*\AppData\Local\DeepRune

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Save data doesn't carry over sadly. Need to start a new save in the full version.

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This is Deep Rune, a side-scrolling adventure game that seamlessly blends RPG mechanics and puzzle solving, all set in a mysterious world rooted in Norse mythology. Inspired by games like Tower of the Sorcerer and DROD RPG.

Demo & full game available here:

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Yeah, I'd say it's more forgiving than Myth Bearer, but still has a bit of a learning curve. My advice is to try starting as the Thief or Explorer - they're both quite strong early on.

Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for playing!

I like the name.

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Overall, this a pretty cool King's Field inspired game. The movement is quite awkward, and personally, I'd prefer something handcrafted rather than randomized.

Would love to see this be developed further.

Was a fun watch, thanks for playing!

Here's Myth Bearer, an open world optimization RPG similar to games like DROD RPG, Tower of the Sorcerer, ect.

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Brutal game! I don't normally like precise platformers, but I still had fun thanks to the shortness of levels & quick respawns. The best part is that it's gluten free!

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I've been tweaking the difficulty in subtle ways to make it more managable, but yeah the first playthrough can be rough if you aren't careful. Thanks for playing. :)

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Just to clarify, direct combat isnt really the focus. It's more about exploration & character progression, hence "adventure RPG".

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It does get more complex the further you get, sorry if you didn't like it.

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Hi Snabisch, I used the higher quality versions in the new update. They're very fitting loops, thanks for making them! A Steam version might be happening soon.

Very nice, I enjoyed watching your playthrough. Thanks for playing!

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You mainly need to avoid his ranged attack by staying diagonally to him while timing hits between his attacks. I'll be uploading a full playthrough soon, so that might also help.

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Just upped how much str affects max equip weight slightly.

Edit: Also reduced final boss' spell damage, it was way too high.

1-1 pixel movement in an action game this small res would be so fast that it'd be unplayable, unfortunately. Thanks for playing! :)

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Movement speed is based on equip weight, I may end up increasing the amount that strength affects max kg. Thanks for playing!

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The light wall in the old world near the ship will only open if you have 0 deaths, the rest of them open on chapter 7.

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This is a cool idea, community bundles seem like they'd be a great feature for this site in general.

I'll submit this game.


I've been playing the Steam version and it's great, amazing game! I get the sense that this was inspired by King's Field, and possibly the SOM game Trismegistus?

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There is a challenge mode that makes the game harder, but you have to complete the game to unlock it.

Great game, GL on the jam.

Thanks for playing, I do plan on making a successor at some point in the future with more tunable difficulty.

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After 8 months of work, the full version of Myth Bearer has finally been released!

Myth Bearer is an open world adventure RPG with puzzly elements. Actions taken during your journey are permanent - enemies don’t respawn, consumed items are forever gone, and story events have profound impacts on the world. Are you ready to brave a mysterious world full of danger and fortune?


  • Full mouse control, with the option to use WASD/arrow keys for movement.
  • Open-ended, interconnected level design.
  • Inventory management, with the ability to drop and retrieve items.
  • The possibility to sequence break and skip story chapters.
  • A dynamic game world that changes as the story progresses.

Get it here:

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Try inspecting the wall to the left of the writing. ;)