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I would like to know have you ever thought about implementing possibility to make communication between your HTML5 export and custom API which could be added as a global variable in HTML page and then using built-in methods from TIC-80 use some "external calls" to call specific methods using that object. Sounds difficult, but IMHO this would be great if developer could consider this option.

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Today my 9th project called "Not So Jump!" has been released! You can now play it here, but also on Kongregate and Newgrounds sites!

"Not So Jump!" is a classic runner game wherein all you have to do is press and hold a mouse button in a right moment. Play through 32 levels which 8 of them are secrets and upgrade self gaining bronze, silver and gold badges and collecting unique diamonds from badges and achievements!




Many thanks. Just one more thing: in one of older posts you mentioned you will add exporting without editors. Is it also be ready in 0.70?

I know it could be a stupid question, but it's very simple: when we could approximately expect of next version of TIC-80? I noticed usually takes up to 2 months to release next update, but in this case (0.60.3) it takes half a year, so  I assume this will be some kind of "grand" update. If developer could be so kind and write what exactly will be changed / fixed / added to the next version and when he is planning to release. I apologize if somewhere changes in next version are written already.

Thanks. Have fun!

Not your business. I'm not gonna excuse about my activity. Make games yourself and then advise anyone. Enough this discussion. I have other jobs to do.

I understand some tweaks could ruin gameplay, but don't accuse me of lying. In Kongregate there are no notifications about new comments like here. I just didn't know about existence. Anyway, my fault and oversight reported. That's it.

Got it now. Wrong understanding. Regardless, this game has almost 8 months and no one complained about "too high jumping after boosts".

Gathering diamonds also increases stats, so you have to just collect all of them, which are collectable at this moment. Beating the game also boosts jump force and speed, so chill out.