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My newest videotutorial series about "PICO-8" announced!

A topic by Jason created Aug 19, 2019 Views: 184 Replies: 1
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I would like to announce my second videotutorial series called "PICO-8. Podstawy" (PICO-8. The Basics) which will be released on November 2, as the first chapter. In fact, it's in Polish language, but I'll try to make subtitles for movies if I find many requests. Like my previous course, this will also be shared between series and each series will be have 20 chapters. We'll see how long it will go, but if audience level will be high, then I'll start creating quite new videos as a continuation!!!

Trailer movie:


My main website

Post about upcoming videotutorial series

"PICO-8. Podstawy" on Facebook!

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Make english subtitles please. Never heard about PICO-8, sounds cool.

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