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Thanks for the feedback! I do need to spend more time on the sound I've found out, not my strength...

This was so fun!! Really great enemy variety and progression, and the simple tradeoff premise was an excellent idea. At first I had trouble figuring out what was and wasn't hurting me, but that worked itself out. I'm not sure how it ended since it might have crashed me out and I couldnt see my hiscore, but i had such a fun time playing it. Getting to know the different enemies and changing up the priorities as they spawn was so engaging, really great gameplay. 

I loved the game aesthetic, although it was pretty hard from the get go. It might be an idea to space out teaching the mechanics a bit, so you can get used to them. That way when you've mastered one mechanic you can introduce another layer of difficulty. Anyway I liked the game a lot, will come back to it to try some more levels.

Really impressive, and fun too. The bow was a bit weak for me but the shotgun was nice to handle. The visuals really sold the whole package well.

Yes I completely missed that, it needs some sort of visual queue for the slow down. For next time then, thanks for the feedback!

Thanks, I haven't managed much better to be honest!

The timer is actually just a measure of the current time based on the clock's hands, which is randomized each time. The time speed is slowed down based on the enemies "sucking" time from the clock's center, I think I should have put a visual cue for this as I realise it's not obvious.

Really fun learning to master the main mechanic, actually felt like I had a chance unlike most bullet hells. Some hit feedback would be nice, on either end.

Haha it was

Good point I'll stick the full source up as well to download if you want.

Really nice, huge props to you for doing a full tutorial that explained the game, that helped a lot. Maybe some animations would be nice, or some sort of feedback when events happen. Cool mechanic anyway, and I loved the writing.

You took on a lot with this game! Very impressed with how much you did. The main things I would change would be the camera as it's hard to control (check out Cinemachine for Unity), and maybe starting the player in a safer spot lol. Otherwise it was a great effort, particularly nice looking.

Neat mechanic, and the game looks fantastic, would be cool to see where you could take it.

What a cool game. One point is I would make the UI a bit more visible, particularly the countdown. But I'm curious how you actually programmed the main mechanic, it's really clever.

Very cute, but maybe a bit too hard? The small platforms with enemies are a death trap

I think the jump aiming is inverted using the mouse, so looking down jumps you up, makes it very hard to aim high since you have to look at the ground.

This game is super good, you packed so much into this! I got a bit lost at one point and by personal preference would have had the movements and attacks be a bit slower and more deliberate. All in all though I was blown away, lovely music and rewarding exploration and gameplay, congrats!

Fantastic polish. Came across a couple of little bugs when spamming through dialogue after dying, but it was great fun nonetheless.

Great idea, very ambitious! I loved the feel of it, can definitely see it going further. Would have benefitted from a bit more guidance on how the systems worked as it's quite hard to figure out from trial and errror.

I ended up refactoring the code for the firing of the player and enemies into a seperate "Gun" component that could be attached to each of them, much cleaner!

Lovely game, very fun to play

Yep, both full screen and small windows work fine, so its just the default one that has an issue.

Really nice visuals, and impressive technically I'm not sure how you did the dynamic connections but they worked really well.

The movement buttons could do with some arrows just to make it obvious what they are.

Cursor was slightly offset on windows so hard to select, but from what I managed to play really cute.

Really glad I played this! The gameplay was really rewarding, after botching my first attempts... A little background art could have gone a long way but I loved it overall.

Beautifully made, more of the same please

Nice idea, that last puzzle was really clever, would happily play more.

Maybe draw the labels above the doors in the game view? Would be a bit easier than switching between the map and game so often.

Really neat, nice one!

So satisfying...