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wow great game! Awesome graphics, audio and idea! 

as has been said previously, the game needs some more balancing, but honestly, amazing job!! 

Overall a great idea and lots of potential! the jump mechanics were a bit confusing, while holding space and then jump, i often got stuck at platforms because I couldn't jump away. 

I liked the death cracking-open animations! and the in-game tutorial, well done:)

Thanks a lot for the feedback! It is really helpful and will integrate those points in my next game. Hope you enjoyed the game.

super fun entry! enjoyed it a lot playing it! It was a curious challenge to see what evolution is next, the drone got me a bit confused, but the steel block and bird were awesome game-changers! 

Fantastic visuals and audio! I liked the idea, although the mechanics could have been a bit more creative. Overall, great job, really enjoyed playing!

Wow!!! this is so amazing. It means a lot for me and it makes me really happy to see. 

Thanks a lot!

lovely game, I enjoyed it lots and the audio was relaxing.  Also, nice use of the in-game tutorial style, i could follow easily.

One balancing issue i found is, that i often just over-jumped enemies and did not really use the big sword, maybe you could have forced the player more into switching swords more often/strategically... maybe having a set number that a sword can be changed. 

but regardless, great idea and excellent work on the endings and game feel, good job!

i had lots of fun playing your game. 

I love the story, it made me smile when playing! Sprites are simple but clear and I immediately knew what was going on. Congrats on the submission, this is one of my favourites so far.

i love the game idea and mechanics for using your size as life.  Very creative!

Would have been been nice to have a score system or health bar to visualise how you are doing.

i loved the idea straight from the start... after all, size matters :D 

Thanks for the feedback

Thank you! Yes mine too :D

thanks for the feedback! yes totally agree with you on that!

Thanks, I am glad you like it! I think so too hehe

agree 100%

haha I can imagine... tbf, I did have many attempts and lots of levels were won by extending the 2nd to last word, by adding an "S", to get the plural form.

i love card games and i like this game idea, the rules could have been explained a bit shorter, for me it seemed like a super complex strategy game, but in the end it is much simpler, well done though!

wow great game!! such a simple mechanic, but you really nailed it! Difficulty was really hard, given that I had no idea what 90% of the final words even were. Made it to level 4 after all :D

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unexpectedly fun :D

would have loved to see a health bar or score system.

well done, it took me some time to grasp the goal of the game, but eventually i had fun!

Thanks a lot!

I can only say the same about yours! Well done!!

Awesome game!

wow! great game & visuals. Would have loved some sound feedback when hitting something too big, instead of the rotation. But anyways, great job!