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James Shipp

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I appreciate the existence of this ramble

gimme one sec, fixing unity export business :/

He told me he loves you more


Hey Ignacio, this sounds super cool! I'll send you a message

Well written!!

Life is just three simple things

this is definitely the most captive audience I have ever seen

this is super fun



Super stylish!!

I can't be the man :(

This is fun and simple! It would've been cool to the gameplay switch up towards the end of the timer, like have some of the genes start to move around or something like that. But the game is polished and well made, great job.

This game is super complicated for a jam, great work! The amount of text and buttons on the screen was confusing at first but I got the hang of it. It would be nice if there was an easy way to move parts that you had already put on Scrappy, or if when you removed a part you got the scrap back for it. Really cool idea and execution though, I'm impressed.

This seems cool to me! Since you aren't adding any content but just making the game more accessible.

We're gonna file against them for copyright infringement NO ONE TOUCHES OUR BLUBBS

Thanks for playing and for the feedback! :)

truly :)

pew pew

Well made game! The dash mechanic is difficult to get used to, adds a great level of skill to the gameplay. I didn't make it very far...

nice snake version. Great touch with making the lump where the last fruit was, not sure if that was in the og nokia game or not but I dig it

Killer pixel art!

This is so cool!! Not sure how you went about the code but this seems like one of the more difficult ideas to pull off, great work

Super fun and addictive, great mechanic idea. 

Fun topdown gameplay, reminded me of hotline miami!

Try different browser maybe??

Super fun entry, good work!

Super well made! Love the control scheme, unique idea

honk honk

Great graphics and audio! Love the particle effects for the planets especially.

I ran into the same glitch as the other comments where I was stuck leaning to the left, but up until then it was a super smooth gameplay experience! I love the camera movement through the hallways and progression as your body parts change.

Nice game! I gotta give you credit for the outline shader, that's a high level of polish for a jam game. The controls were a bit hard to get used to but I like the concept.

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Nice work! The movement speed is pretty high which made it a bit hard to tell what was going on but I enjoyed the gameplay!

I'm a huge fan of this, my favorite part is the tv frame for the game. This is tough, I coudn't get more than 3 points hahah!

Love the art! I wasn't really sure how to use the items I picked up, but I like the vibe of the world and the funky characters chilling in odd places.


Great work with the game feel, the screenshake and recoil when shooting feels good. Like others said, the enemy spawning was a bit of a nuisance, but I loved the gun sucking in items.

Love the role reversal of a classic tower defense game! The menus are amazing, I gotta say. I'd be interested to see what kind of gameplay you would add if this was a full game

We updated the description with some extra instructions, hopefully it makes the dna part of the game a bit easier!