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Very cool to share something like this! Your Youtube video in the screenshots on the right-hand side is private FYI

Have you tried printing these on US Letter? (I have to see if any of the local print shops in Canada handle A4 still. Last one I checked didn’t.)

For the DriveThru version do you happen to know what paper weight/finish they use?

What program/file format do you initially write the SRD in that you were trying to convert to HTML?

Oh that sounds fantastic thanks for leaving this comment, I’m giving this a second look because of it!

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I was thinking like the 7x7 Region version you have but increased ever so slightly if that still allowed for the notes section.

I’m no graphic designer though, so maybe it would need to be 2-pager like the 11x10 Region you have already?

EDIT: Also thanks for such a fast reply, wasn’t expecting that!

Would it be possible to get an 8x8 region version?

I think I’ve been swayed to try a 3-mile hex and then an 8x8 is perfect for a day’s travel!

Thanks for the update and glad to hear you’re feeling energized!

Wow! How did you go about making the plaintext versions? From AFpub backwards for everything? That must have been a lot of work!

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This looks great! Love the visual feel and that there’s a relationship diagram included.

I see there’s a bundle (which I’m grabbing now) and I think that messes with some of the itchfunding progress bars so FYI this is what caught my eye and I wanted to support, but I can’t resist the bundle price. Good luck with the zine month itchfunding!

Perhaps to avoid help devs obsessing over numbers the words should be public but scores/aggregate scores should stay as-is?

It’s kind of nice to have a place where 5-star reviews isn’t the only metric that matters

There’s tons of different types of game jams, but I’m not always interested in all of them.

I would like game jams to be able to specify what types of submissions they are accepting and to be able to filter by them. I’d suggest a list similar to the “Top” filter with the addition of “All”.

ie: All, Games, Tools, Game Assets, Comics, Books, Physical Games, Soundtracks, Game mods, Everything else (or “other” or “anything else”)

I realize this would require a few changes:

  • The workflow to create a game jam would then involve using a checklist (perhaps defaulted to All)
  • Game Jam pages would probably want to show this list
  • The Jam Calendar would need another filter.

With Tabletop RPGs becoming more popular on the platform and there being so many video game jams I think this will help grow different types of game jams and make them more visible

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I’ve liked using as my go-to markdown editor (I’ve got to try out ghostwriter now though!) is more of a knowledge-base/wiki built on top of a (local) folder of markdown files. Then again, maybe that would be perfect for a solo game!

Oh this is great, thanks!

I had hoped to make a “weekend jam” out of this but my weekends somehow got fully booked! Hopefully I’ll get to it now :)

That sounds like a cool idea, good luck with your first jam, this will only be my second.

You can do it!

I’m toying with the idea of a game about pets/local animals after skimming the SRD.

It puts a twist on it as pets are (generally) much shorter-lived and have some agency.

However, using living things and figuring out why they’d be sent away or escape has a lot of potential for heartbreak so I’ll need to give it some extra thought and at minimum have some decent content warnings I think.

I appreciate the time that went in to produce a detailed changelog, thank you!

First off: this is a very cool idea!

With all the different options available now it may be worth providing a legend to go with the cards to explain what may be represented in each location.

Also perhaps an example of what one would do if they draw a card that has a blank in that spot or a different game’s role. (Or maybe you suggest removing those cards!)

I tried it to see if I could reproduce the issue. Is this similar to what you were seeing? Sorry I don’t have any advice on how to fix it, but I posted some details for anyone who might know how to fix it.

I got this on Firefox for Ubuntu for anyone else trying to sort it out. The toolbar still says it’s Roboto Condensed and the same font size. I couldn’t get the formatting to stick unless I highlighted and replaced the current line. Hitting Enter would give me that huge number-bullet.

I may have been too close to the other paragraph and extended the list (that’s why the numbers are so large).

(1 edit)

Do you have the correct fonts installed?

EDIT: Also which program/template are you using?


Yeah the body swap felt achievable in a system as rules lite as this, since the friction learn a new character is very low compared to a crunchier game.

Hope you enjoy it and I would love to hear about your experience if you play!

I was very worried about space and also wanted to make it unique mechanically so it dawned on me on Sunday to rip out gear.

Thanks! I was really keen on that player empowerment and knowledge their character always has some ability. So much else in the GM’s control I thought this helped balance the scales a bit.

I think that will be the case! I haven’t had a chance to play through with others yet because I wanted to get my entry completed over the weekend, else I was worried it was end up in the “never finished” pile of weekend projects.

Thanks for taking the time to read it and give feedback! If you happen to play it I’d also appreciate any further comments

Oh I misread about the Armor rules, my bad, they’re perfectly clear now.

Makes sense to me, thanks! Didn’t want to break etiquette on my first jam

Relatively new to the jam scene, is it better to leave comments on the submission pages or the project pages?

I read over a few of the free/PWYW games starting at the bottom of the Popular-sorted submissions to pump some tires :)

Agreed! I love the simultaneous reveal in particular

Very thematic and great consistent colours!

A “straight-forward”, but well-executed, implementation of the 24XX SRD! I like the twist of Binding with just enough of a hint to get you going.

Only comment otherwise is the “Use Binding to” seems to be slightly out of alignment.

Agreed! Seems like a great add-on without being overly complex.

Great style! Love what you did with combat! Your combat system gives it just a bit of crunch but still easy to understand and seems like it would allow for slightly longer combat than the base 24XX. Curious how lengthy they would be in practice.

Interesting choice going with a more traditional table format for gear.

My only suggestion (hope you’re okay that since it’s in-dev) is Armour should be have a - not a + to make it clear you subtract from hits.

Very different genre to address! An interesting challenge to make the “mundane” into a game.

Lots of good disasters, and surprisingly detailed/mechanical ‘running the game’ (A Shift) procedure for a 24XX game, but I like the addition!

Bonus points for the Department Manager title.

Definitely a “seed” as it states, I would almost call it a “micro setting”.

Fits the format (visually and in being slightly ambiguous) of the 24XX spirit. No stats or mechanics, instead just flavourful tables. Great jumping off point to either make a full game or to be used as a setting module for any other 24XX game!

Some people have wonderfully curated lists!

However, outside of bookmarking or remembering, there’s no way for me to save a collection.

My suggestion is to add the ability to Follow a collection (as opposed to the collection creator, if they’re busy they may jam up my feed) or a way to, well, collect collections!