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Wandering Blades RPG Quickstart

Lethal wuxia melodrama in an old school tabletop RPG package by Daniel Kwan & Drew Quon! · By Daniel Kwan

Wandering Blades Wish List

A topic by Daniel Kwan created Jan 14, 2024 Views: 133 Replies: 6
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Developer (1 edit)

Are there features or sections of the final Wandering Blades core book that you'd like to see? Anything that you believe would be helpful?

Post them here!

I would love to have dedicated sections of the book to lore about the world of the Wandering Blades, the jianghu and perhaps even the world outside of the jianghu.

The combat system right now looks really cool, but without more context about the world of the Wandering Blades, it might be difficult to begin roleplaying without a foundation to go off of.

In particular, I would love  more information on the different Martial Art Sects featured in the Youxia class section, it could help with character creation and help create connections with NPCs and help build the jianghu the players will be a part of!

I think in the vein of lethal melodrama, I would also wish for mechanics to facilitate that, whether it be rolling for a tragic event that spurred the players on their journey, or rewarding players making dramatic moves!

If there's anything else I can think of I'll continue posting in this thread!


We definitely have plans for that!

I’d love a section of random tables where you could roll up an adventure with factions, NPCs, and plots/schemes. Having something to riff off of when coming up with adventure scenarios is a godsend. Plus it could be a great way to show what Wuxia adventures might look like for a newcomer. Something similar to the adventure tables in Vaults of Vaarn would be cool! 


Great idea! We are going to be working with a translator to make tables for names, but additional ones for factions, NPCs, and plot hooks is a great idea!

I know this is OSR, but are there plans for a skill system?


Not at the moment, we want folks to be as creative as possible and to align with the "rulings, not rules" and "player skill over character skill" ideas. That said, certain classes like the outlaw (coming out soon) will have talents akin to skills that align with narrative themes.