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Free Kriegsspiel roleplaying in a galaxy far, far away...
Submitted by Sigve Solvaag — 24 days, 11 hours before the deadline
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Great style! Love what you did with combat! Your combat system gives it just a bit of crunch but still easy to understand and seems like it would allow for slightly longer combat than the base 24XX. Curious how lengthy they would be in practice.

Interesting choice going with a more traditional table format for gear.

My only suggestion (hope you’re okay that since it’s in-dev) is Armour should be have a - not a + to make it clear you subtract from hits.


Thank you! 

I have run a few sessions using the system so far, and the combat is relatively quick still. I try to run it FKR style, so no all combat actions follow the rules to the letter. If the fictional position indicates certain death or something, then I simply make a ruling with a (hopefully) suitable outcome. 

Gear: Yeah, I think items and pricelists are very effective at world building or implying setting.

Armor: So what armor does is that it adds bonus hits to your character's hits total. So a Battle Armor adds +3 to your 5 hits. Thus you have 8 hits, and could reasonably survive two attacks from a blaster. If I read you correctly, it seems like you think that armor subtracts from weapons hits? 

Thanks for commenting! Really appreciate it! 


Oh I misread about the Armor rules, my bad, they’re perfectly clear now.