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Thanks! I hope you like it! 

I'm already in touch with two different artists and discussing commissions 😊

Hey, thanks for the comment. I answered OP above. Does that clarify the issue for you?

Thanks for the question! If having a skill helps for a given risk, then sure. Right now they dont do much mechanically, but what i have been thinking is to have certain obstacles be automatically neutralized by certain skill ranks. For example, hacking a basic PC would be no issue to someone with Hacking (ex).

Thanks, I very much appreciate feedback that helps me improve my work. 😊

I'll fix it immediately! 

Really nice use of retro-sci-fi. You made a really good game here.

Thank you, David! 

Thank you! 

Thank you! I mostly left it open so players can stake out their own world. But I want to revisit this setting later. :D

Thank you! I haven't been able to test it out yet, but I'm going to do a mix of play-n-write I think.

Absolutely love the colorful layout. Looking forward to trying this out.

Thank you! 

Since there aren't that many entries yet, I've decided to extend the submission deadline. Go forth and write adventures! 

Thank you!

Thank you!

You are too kind! Thank you! 

Great zine! 

It looks like the discord link is broken, though. It doesn't seem to be an invite, but  a message redirect. 

Thank you! 

I have run a few sessions using the system so far, and the combat is relatively quick still. I try to run it FKR style, so no all combat actions follow the rules to the letter. If the fictional position indicates certain death or something, then I simply make a ruling with a (hopefully) suitable outcome. 

Gear: Yeah, I think items and pricelists are very effective at world building or implying setting.

Armor: So what armor does is that it adds bonus hits to your character's hits total. So a Battle Armor adds +3 to your 5 hits. Thus you have 8 hits, and could reasonably survive two attacks from a blaster. If I read you correctly, it seems like you think that armor subtracts from weapons hits? 

Thanks for commenting! Really appreciate it! 

Thank you! I am working on the ship rules for the moment, but the force powers will come after that. 

Basically what the title says. I'm not sure how compatible my game is anyway. :o 

Thanks! I was inspired by the "pre-rolled" damage in 5e and Jim Parkin's Any Planet Is Earth for that part. :)