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level desginer/game designer here, i'm looking for a team also, cant speak russian tho, never worked in game maker but heard the new version has a sweet match-3  template?

dobra gra, prawie przeszedłem xd

Liked the variety of playstyles and the UI's. I would like for the cursor to be something, a weapon of some sorts with animations to make it more kinetic and fun. 

there is an error in your game, something about naming of the exe i think, so i couldn't play

Nice, i liked the intro a lot and the overall concept of throwing hands, wish it was developed further, a nice start for sure. 

Nice one, I've managed to save the dog but unfortunately the dialog occured at the same time as the timer run out so I haven't performed any good deeds 😢. I really liked the art style in this game and got lost in this big maze which was kinda scary (a good thing really😊). Music was a little repetetive which ultimately led to me not replaying the game. 

Cool game, I really liked the protagonist animations (whatever the thing i controlled was xd). The gameplay was pretty basic and i had some issues with colliders i think, i was killed multiple times without even seeing the ghost. 

Very fun, just as I was about to give up you introduced the size upgrade which felt really empowering. I really liked the level itself the mix of underground and surface. Would like to have something to easily gather resources, especially on high speeds. 

Pretty ok, liked the art style and sound. Overall darkness felt purposeless and was kind of fighting with the puzzle game premise od this game. Would be nice to have a handle on the joystick, existing one was hard to recognize.

Nice, I liked the scaring mechanic and overall vibe. I think I've managed to finish the game (visited every house), but didn't know what to do with the candy i gathered. Was a little too dark for me, hard to navigate the level.

Somehow it's even worse haha :) I liked the graphics though

Nice graphics. 

Super comedic :) There is a great potential in it. I loved the animations but they're too long especially comibned with me unable to crouch through some obstacles. I repeated it like 20 times but ultimately couldnt make it.

I really like the uncanny nature of the monsters design, for me the tediousness of gameplay took out a lot of the horror from the game. Also the intro got me imagining the whole big hotel with loads of rooms so that was a great world building

I really love the idea of a FPP-platformer so you really got some points from me regarding this. I liked the overall style but was unable to pass the first level (i spent almost 10 minutes on it). I would suggest to carefully balance your game :)

Loved the idea and graphics. For some reason I couldn't figure out that I need to equip the cat food before putting it on plate so I couldn't really progress, I only kept finding the food a nothing else. Also due to the time constrained gameplay I would suggest changing interaction key to something faster to get to. Other than that I'm following your profile I would love to see if you can improve the game :)

Overall a great game based on a verified concept. Having a better starting weapon would greatly benefit it - one that you can base the whole gameplay one :)

Cool game, I loved  the whole concept and art style. I would work more on the visual feedback especially those 2nd level monsters I couldn't really decipher when they're changing their positions. Also there was some inconsistencies, I thought that I'm hitting the monsters while the thing that happened was that I merely stepped on it. It would be nice to add some more movement to the game, my gameplay turned out to be more like a slow paced strategy game. Other than that I really liked the concept, keep working on it :)

I finished it in like 30 seconds or maybe I failed but the whole game closed anyway. Also the controlls were super weird. I liked the aesthetic and the art, adding some gloomy music could definitely spice up the whole game :)

Nice game. I would work more on the camera rotation so it is more responsive and less tedious due to the fact that the game is a high speed thing. Other than that I really like the sounds and the whole concept, especially the teleport mechanic is something you can grow into something totally great. 


I really loved it. Especially the blend of realistic and blocky graphics and effects. It worked really well. The game lacks content as you said yourself but I'll keep an eye for updates because I really loved the idea. Also is it possible to reach the tower? I'm giving it a replay definitely. Also I've recorded a gameplay video in case you want to see the gameplay from players perspective, let me now if you're interested in seeing that :)

Nice atmosphere and graphics. There is no objective though, I really tried my best to finish it but couldn't. Some minor bugs, I've made a gameplay video I'll try to post it if youre interested in seeing the game from players perspective :)

Cool game, I loved the graphics, atmosphere and music. But the controls were a little odd, it was super hard to control the character. I persevered but in the end they still brought me down, I couldn't open the door and end the game I think? I really liked this one, only little changes and it could be a great game :)

Also I have recorded a gameplay video in case you want to see it from players perspective but it's really in an awful cropping because of the windowed mode.

beautiful music btw

Jakob#5408 on discord, write to me :)

don't hesitate to join us, we've got 4 people on the team: a programmer, sound designer, game designer and a 2d artist :)

yeah, my favourite game ever 🐂

We're a team of 3 : programmer, designer and sound designer and we are stiil looking for a 2d artist :) Contact us on discord: Jakob#5408

We're a team of 3 : programmer, designer and sound designer and we are stiil looking for a 2d artist. Contact us on discord: Jakob#5408

We're a team of 3 : programmer, designer and sound designer and we are stiil looking for a 2d artist. Contact us on discord: Jakob#5408

Youre making music too?



Designer and Programmer looking for a 2d artist. If someone's still looking for a team, hit me up on Discord: Jakob#5408

hey I'm a Designer I would love to work with you, add me on discord

are you still looking for a teammate? 

are you still looking for a teammate? 

are you still looking for a teammate? 

Hi everyone.

I'm a Game Designer looking for a team. I would love to tie together a small teams ideas for a game. 

Additionaly I can help you with Level Design, Sound/Music Production and assembling everything in (preferably) Unity Engine.