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Ahh thats very disappointing.  Thank you for trying again!

Hello, resident music guy here.

First, thanks for playing!  

Second, the no music bug is very strange, I downloaded the game a few times just now to test and music is working in all of them.  Would you download it again to see if the issue persists for you?  If you don't want to no worries.  There was originally a webGL build which had the no music bug, but that was scrapped and replaced with a zip file in which the issue should have been resolved.
Thank you for your feedback!

I had died to the buzzsaws a few times, but I don't recall anything of note otherwise.

I love the character design and the autumn scenery!  Animations were good too.  I think I reached the end, I made it to the tent on top of the cliff but I couldn't find anywhere to go after that.  Some critique, the ledges could be made more readable(I didn't have much trouble but still) and mapping jump and dash to other commands would probably feel better.  This is a great start and I love your art direction.

I love the progress you've made since the last time I played it!  The controls feel very good and I love the lighting, art, and music.  The world is very immersive and it makes me want to explore.  I encountered a bug where I couldn't die but I kept playing until I fell into a pit and I wouldn't respawn.  Great game though, I'll definitely play it more.

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I want to start by saying the game looks great, the lighting is pretty and makes the world feel enticing and somewhere I want to explore.  The player controls well in my opinion.  To contrast that my experience was pretty rage inducing(which is intended by your description) and I didn't make it very far before rage-quitting.  However I know that rage games are not my favorite so I may not be the target audience.  I just wish there was *some* indication of the fake blocks being fake, or that there was a powerup that gives you that indication.  Also, not sure if this was intentional, but there was music when I started the game but it stopped when playing.  Regardless, its a pretty game and has an interesting backstory!

Nice experience, I like the player animations and the controls felt nice once getting used to.  I got stuck in a large room with jump pads and laser barriers, I felt like I needed a double jump or something but couldn't escape the room.  There was one bug where the gun would sometimes fire in the opposite direction, other than that I enjoyed my time and the level music was cool!

I love the art of the player, enemies, and the detailed backgrounds!  It was pretty fun, I did run into some bugs when colliding with anything while jumping, the player and audio would stutter for a moment sometimes.  It was never game breaking though, nice entry!

Thanks for playing and for the detailed response.   I am sorry that you were afflicted by the biggest bugs, we scrambled to fix them but ultimately did not have time, and ughh that boss bug... we thought that was squashed....  We'll def take your critiques to our next projects if we don't return to this one.  Glad you liked the music!

Thank you so much for playing and for the compliments!  HK was def an influence, but I hope we didnt toe the line too much!  

Thank you for playing and for the compliments!  Our art team really came in clutch towards the end with the details and lighting effects

Thank you so much for the detailed critique!  We definitely did not have time to test all the features enough, ahh such is the way of game jams sometimes.  If we continue we will for sure take your notes into account, or at least take them with us to future projects.  Glad you liked the music, cheers!

Thanks for playing and for the complements!  
We have taken notes of your critiques, thank you for the feedback.  Enemy AI def needs work and I agree the wall jump could be tweaked to be more consistent.  The art scaling was due to time restraints, but that's great feedback nonetheless.  

Thank you so much!

I am sorry, we have no way to test a Linux build atm and we could not get webGL running in time before the submission was closed.  Appreciate the interest though, cheers!

I am in love with the character animations!  I really like the idea of planting trees and that the large tree grows the more you explore, very nice touch.  Controls felt pretty good as well. one critique I have is that there was some pop-in/pop-out of the background art and it was fairly jarring and sometimes the sprites for the planted trees and mushrooms wouldnt appear.  I could still jump on the mushrooms though.  I unfortunately couldnt finish because I got locked in a room behind a gate with no switch to let me out again.  Very cute and entertaining entry!

Nice entry!  I like the premise and I wish there was more to learn.  One issue I had was determining where the floor was, Its a cool idea to use the background as the floor but since the bg art didnt always line up it hindered readability.  Also, I dont think you need the red arrows, and the jump sound fx were out of sync.  Overall, nice concept though!

I enjoyed this game and the concept!  As other mentioned the controls felt a little off, but I was able to get used to the feel.  Overall nice entry and I enjoyed the dialogue 

I like the xenomorph-like player design and the music that I got to hear was good!  Unfortunately I kept getting softlocked in the same pit that the commenter below mentioned and couldnt make it very far.  I thought the debug functions were funny, for a minute I was puzzled as to why I could harm myself haha.  I like the concept though!

I retract my complaint because I played through again and I just couldn't find the save rooms the first time so that's on me.  Excellent game!

Excellent I'll give it another go!

Thank you so much for playing!  notes taken regarding the bugs!

I really enjoyed the environment, very nice choice in music.  Those platforming sections right at the start are tough!  Also, I get that it is optimized for controller, but having KB/M controls easily available would be nice.  nice work!

Some very interesting ideas here!  I like the segmented body mechanic and the music/sound design were excellent.  I had fun but couldn't get very far, I kept having a bug where my bite ability would stop working after biting a wall.  I did enjoy the water physics and the step away from platforming.

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This was so much fun, I beat the game with 1HP left!  Excellent work, The use of classical music was really well done.  I especially like the jumping "bodyslam" animation, very cute.  Another note is its awesome that your bosses have multiple phases

Thank you for playing and for the compliments!  It looks like you tried to share a screenshot of your bug but it didnt post, want to send it over discord if you still have it? JSM#3505

This was really fun and I enjoy the concept!  I thought that platforming with the spit blobs was kinda tricky but otherwise I enjoyed my time with it.

Really good game, controls and graphics feel good and responsive.  Music and sound is killer!  My only complaint is because I am a trash gamer and kept dying, I didn't enjoy having to start over from the beginning very much.  Skill issue I know, great work

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Very enjoyable experience! The atmosphere feels very lonely and desolate.  Simple and effective.  The controls felt a little unintuitive to me on KB+M, but can't comment on how it feels for controller.  Nice work!

We need more FPS metroidvanias!  The frame rate was pretty choppy but that probably because of my hardware more than anything.  Great atmosphere and I liked the log entries you can find.  

people are already noting the jump delay and strange collision behaviors, so I wont beat a dead horse.  I can praise you for the art style, animations, choice of sound and music though!  The pixel art is fantastic, I really love the little Groot enemies and the snakes.  Once you adjust the controls and collision I think you have an excellent game here.

I had a lot of fun with this!  The atmosphere, art direction, and the music made for a very lovecraftian vibe.  A critique that is echoed by another comment is that maybe the player is too big?  Personally I thought it was pretty difficult, but once I got the staff the experience opened up quite a bit.  I especially like the snake monsters that eat the walls, that was a a very good mechanic and it taught me that some walls break haha.  One more thing, your main menu super awesome, I love the details.

I'll definitely look into the melee attack, you are right that it feels disconnected and it floats when moving.  Great critique!  We are also working on a minimap, that had to be axed to make the jam deadline.  Thank you for checking it out!

Thank you for playing, we are definitely paying heed to the comments about the movement and that will be fixed along with lots of other improvements!  

This is such a well put together game!  The bold use of simple color translated very well and I like the cute sprites.  I really enjoyed my playthrough all the way to the credits, you set up the new abilities well and ramped up the difficulty very well.  The movement feels great, my team can definitely take some notes on that from you!  I had many deaths but they all felt fair and that it was my mistake to learn from.  My only critique is the linearity, I don't think I found any branching paths and didn't require any backtracking.  All good though, excellent entry.

This is a great idea for a game, I love the graffiti effects from the different color paints and that they remain in place after respawning! Very creative all around.  My critique is that the player is very sluggish, I wish the movement speed was faster as I did get frustrated and didn't complete the game entirely.  I may have encountered a bug as well, is the red paint supposed to destroy the thorns?  It did not on my playthrough.  The player design is cool, reminds me of the Mind Flayer enemies from DnD and Demons Souls!

This is a great idea for a game, I love the graffiti effects from the different color paints and that they remain in place after respawning! Very creative all around.  My critique is that the player is very sluggish, I wish the movement speed was faster as I did get frustrated and didn't complete the game entirely.  I may have encountered a bug as well, is the red paint supposed to destroy the thorns?  It did not on my playthrough.  The player design is cool, reminds me of the Mind Flayer enemies from DnD and Demons Souls!

This was a really pleasant experience, excellent work on the tone, art, music, the whole atmosphere really.  I really like the spear mechanic.  The only bugs I ran into was the spear did not return a couple of times and some of the hitboxes felt a little unfair.  Overall I liked the slower pace, it felt very relaxing to play.  Great submission!