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Submitted by Whullum, procrascat, Willy Bee (@WillyBeeTweet), MagicDoogies (@c_fouron), Hi_Jr, Lorenzo Torres, tamarub, Roger A. Martinez (@RAMartinezMusic) — 3 hours, 32 minutes before the deadline
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Submitted (1 edit)

Really enjoyable experience. I like the idea for the game and it's design. At first it is a bit hard to get around but you can kind of get used to it. It is definitely original and it fulfills it's ideas nicely. Moreover, the presentation is quite nice. I liked the atmosphere of being in an unfamiliar, underwater area, it worked well.

Though there are a couple things I have issues with. First of all, food/hp from enemies would often fall through the floor, which was quite annoying considering how hard it was to get to that in the first place. Grapple would have some minor issues with connecting to enemies, but I am sure it is an easy fix. Also even though the upgrades are cool and fulfill their purpose, none of them felt like a good alternative to grapple. It was the easiest and most efficient to just grapple enemies around and get health. I think it could be improved because as it stands upgrades feel more like just opening a new path, and not actual power up. 

Also I like the idea for health in this game, the body getting longer and falling apart when you get hurt too much. I feel it could give way to some puzzles/gameplay ideas where for example you could move faster when you are smaller or you could navigate easier, or you could just fit into tighter spaces the less health you have. And then the opposite for being big, where it would give you advantage during the fights but would be cumbersome during the movement. I think you could really explore that further and it would add a lot of depth.

All in all, really solid entry and I think it could turn into a great game. Nice job!


Very cool concept, a little bit hard to control, but manageable. The combat mechanic was kinda weird, with how you just look at something, right click it and the mash spacebar. Abilities were nice, I like the idea of chomping down walls. One thing I have to mention that if you're making pixel art game, keep the pixel size consistent, because it looks jarring when they're giant on the minimap and small in gameplay. Overall good entry!


Enjoyable experience, even if a little short! The physics take time to get used to, and moving through the levels feels... floaty due to the speed of accelerating and turning. I would have loved to earn some upgrades along the way to improve handling, and more things to explore and find would give some use for the enemy variety and offer more of a 'metroidvainia' feel.


Some very interesting ideas here!  I like the segmented body mechanic and the music/sound design were excellent.  I had fun but couldn't get very far, I kept having a bug where my bite ability would stop working after biting a wall.  I did enjoy the water physics and the step away from platforming.

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the audio and mechanics mentioned :) We're working on a fix for that, and the newest build in a little bit should take care of that problem.


The game has been updated to build v1.05 which fixes this issue!


Excellent I'll give it another go!