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And yet, probably using music with copyrights is really not very good and honest. Without thinking about it, it's much more enjoyable to play this way xD. By the way. I really adore this angel too. Thank you so much for your feedback! In fact, such detailed words really help to move on, choose a vector of development and are very pleasing. I'm still a beginner and I'm not doing something for a large audience, so, I love jams precisely for communication. This is what it is worth developing for. Sorry for poor English.

Interesting mechanics and nice style. But the mechanics of the platformer are very inconvenient. In general, a good job, but there is a lot to grow.

I most often rate the games of those who write comments. But I think it's not nice to impose it on others. Thanks for playing!

Cute graphics and style inspired by Pizza Tower. I enjoyed this tutorial. True, I may be doing something wrong, but after the tutorial, the game ends. I really want to play the finished version.

Thanks for playing! Actually, I always avoided drawing, because it always turned out bullshit. That was supposed to be lo-fi shit too. I'm surprised that something cute and cool turned out.  Thanks for the feedback on the technical part. Yes, a few tests before submitting wouldn't hurt. Yes, the problem with the continue button prevents you from reading dialogs, and the problems with dialogs are a bit confusing.

Great atmosphere and music. It reminded me of Rusty Lake. I know I'm not the first one to say that. Unfortunately, I couldn't finish the game even with a walkthrough. I have a rusty thing missing from the generator somewhere. Perhaps there is such a bug that when the inventory is full, things can disappear (?). Anyway, it was interesting to play.

Interesting mechanics. If you add a little plot and graphics, an interesting adventure game could turn out.

Very cute. A good feature would be a loss if the puzzle was solved incorrectly, because now it's enough to click all the options to pass.

Beautiful visual style, but very difficult platforming.

In fact, I think that music in old-school quests is 50 percent of the atmosphere. It's a pity that you didn't have time to add something. But I imagined it in my head and realized that I definitely want to play the final version of the game. Good luck finishing the development!

After this crocodile Genocide Sans is a piece of cake. I enjoyed playing it. A little complicated platforming, but a pleasant atmosphere.

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The code is the numbers of the pillows in the rainbow in the order in which they lie on the floor(2546). I hope you can finish the game.

The best of visual novels on jam.

A strange nostalgia for the times I've never been to. Unfortunately, I can't enjoy it that much. My limit is 1995. Bro, did you really use software for DOS development?

Several times I had to go through because of a bug with loading locations (they didn't load), but finally I found THE GUKKI BANDANA. I really liked the visual style and atmosphere, but this pleasure is too short.

I'm tired of talking about it, there are a lot of games on the jam with a cool visual style and this one is great. A short but very detailed and even slightly variable game. I really enjoyed it.

Really huge game in a nice style. I couldn't finish it even in one evening. Someday I'll come back and finish. It's strange that there aren't a million walkthrough videos on it yet. This plot is cryptic, but due to poor knowledge of English, I could not understand it completely.

Cute game, I love cats so much!

Incredible visual, sounds and theme. I really enjoyed it and look forward to continuing!

There was some error with videocard drivers. Error box offered to enter some command line command to fix it, but first time I didn't read it.

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Judging by the screenshots, an interesting underrated game with a nice visual. Unfortunately it didn't work for me. Could you suggest me what could be the problem?

Finally, I could play and enjoyed playing.

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There is not enough content, but the gameplay, the visual and the settings. are on top. Interesting project.

UPD: This is a really interesting experiment in that as many as 14 people worked in turns. I don't envy the latter. In this concept, I liked the project even more.

The Escapists 3. In fact, an interesting game with a pleasant atmosphere and visual. I enjoyed it.

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In fact, I've always been afraid and really disliked drawing, because I've always done it very strangely and sloppily. However, I realized that such a simple drawing can create such an interesting style. I made the prison the first location, and all experiments and testing of raw mechanics took place on it, so there are noticeable bugs there. Thank you for your kind words.

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Yes, I really scored a bunch of copyrighted music and I really enjoy it. I think it's acceptable if the game is non-commercial. Thank you for playing.

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To get the crowbar from the lamp, you need to remove the antenna from the radio and use it on the lamp after you have placed the chair. Thanks for playing!

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The riddle with the books enraged me. But I still managed to pass. This game is great. A huge job of developers and voice actors. It sounded like they were professional announcers. It's my favorite right now.

nice enough. nothing unusual gameplay, but it turned out atmospheric. the lighthouse pissed me off.

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a very interesting creation. I liked the style very much. the story and dialogues are professionally executed. please,  give me a hint on how to get the secret ending.

Thank you very much for your kind words. In fact, this is exactly the case when what I can do worst of all became the advantages of the game. It was my first experience in games with a story, and the story was almost invented on the go. I also drew the graphics myself and it seems to have turned out nicely. You also gave me motivation to read Kafka. Good luck to you too.

there is a lot of content in the characters, but little in the events. at some point it gets a little boring to play. but the atmosphere is wonderful.

old school. cool atmosphere. exciting gameplay. the boss fight scene brought tears.

The style is amazing. The plot too. I like that so much