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I'm glad that at least someone felt the fan from the game) It seems to me that in a good game the main thing is not graphics, not design and not all these trendy high-end chips, but interesting gameplay. Mediocre gameplay (like the movie) will not save cool graphics and animation. We played this game as children, about 25 years ago, without any computers - with a presenter who was guessing the map and moving players on their moves, telling the answers, and we were interested. In multiplayer mode, your own characteristics - you can follow the moves of other players, too, if you have enough memory)

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Hello! In the comments to the bottom post everything is rightly explained - the person understood the essence of the game. To see the logic of movements, click on "Chart" and try to move around. This will clearly demonstrate how the game moves your character on the map. And about "it is impossible to understand" - maybe my tongue-tie is superimposed on the tongue-tied language of the Google translator)

PS MacOS does not change the size of the buttons after each move, the behavior of Ubuntu (on gif) was a surprise for me.

Unravel the map and make moves with a sense of complete clarity of what is happening!

Recently (today) I finished  the important feature - check the field to be complitly passed. In case when you do not know the field, it is glad to trust that you can not put youself in exitless part of a chart. Thow I can use any Java classes and data structures (i.e. HashMaps or any other - my custom Lisp language interpreter hosted on Java) , I write this game only use native data structures - lists I mean :) In some cases it was uneffective, but much more authentic :)

Oh, sorry, I find out Publish button and now everything is submited, as I think :)

Hello again. I submit a game, its page is , but when I try to submit in on jam page it says "You haven't uploaded a game that can be submitted yet." What wrong I do?  And I hope, my game interface is much simplier, than this one )....

Labyrinth community · Created a new topic FAQ

Feel free to ask any questions :)

Ok, thanks a lot! I'm not yet ready to publish anything (and the jam even doesn't started), but I hope I'll can ride by steps you wrote when I'll get ready.

Hello, I'm newbe here, registered 10 minutes ago, cause I want to take a part in Lisp Game Jam

So I want to ask what I must exactly to do with this site? Should I upload (anyhow) my overall game (when I will have created it) on this site and give a link (whom? where?) to it to anybody? Or what should I do?