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Wow, nice vid! Thank you so much for playing and finding those endings! We appreciate it alot!

Hi syddhoff! Yep, you've found one of the glitches - unfortunately we didn't have time to add the 'ignore everything' ending completely, so we decided to remove it last minute. Therefore, when your 'score' was 0, it didn't know which scene to load. Would have been an easy enough mistake to fix - but a simple oversight :D

Thank you for your feedback! We will definitely add full keyboard controls to the game after the jam, and develop the story/concept. :D

I'm so glad you liked our game! We will make sure we fix the sound issues and expand the game after the jam :D Thank you for playing!

Thank you for your kind feedback! We appreciate it alot :D

Thanks :3

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Hi Alectric! I’ve read your comment and agree with many of the things you’ve said, especially that we should spend more time establishing relationships between the player and other entities of the game.

As for beating the game, the moral neutral ending which you achieved is currently the “best” ending. We haven’t implemented different endings for when the player is always moral versus when the player is sometimes moral/not immoral. 

Having said that, we gave more attention to the immoral endings, and have 2 endings based on the extent of your “immorality”. 

We plan to improve and add such features after the Community Game Jam ends (for which the theme was “Liar”, hence the misleading narrator and “prospect” bar in the top left.  

This game was made in a week and thus, we had to take some shortcuts and restrict the amount of content we could safely add to the game, as well as polish and play-test. 

Thank you for playing, and giving constructive criticism. We’ll take this into account when updating the game after the jam :D

Thanks so much c:

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I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed the game. Thank you for playing! 

Of course we will check out your game :D

Incredibly fun and relaxing! The catchy, but not repetitive, music along with the fitting sound effects gives an extremely polished and fluid experience (the sfx and particle effects makes throwing the flasks away to explode against the walls oddly satisfying xD!). The simple and intuitive controls also contribute to such an experience. 

It was very enjoyable for me! Only thing that slightly reduced the immersion was that sometimes, there was a weird flicker while flicking through the recipe book - perhaps that is only an issue for me. Otherwise, I absolutely loved this adorable game. Great job! 

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This is game is so difficult! I keep losing, but it's very fun!

Well done on this game :D

Fun little game - love the combat. Rated :)

The controls and combat system is very innovative - good stuff c:

Nice game - rated! :D

I like the simplistic design - the controls are very responsive too. Congrats

Nice looking game - there are some audio issues, but overall quite fun :D Well done.

Nice looking game - there are some audio issues, but overall quite fun :D Well done.

The thumbnail looks cool - going to check it out now :3

Enjoyed it c: - although, it was a bit difficult for me (rated :D)

Very fun experience - (rated :D)

Looks clean and stylistic! Only thing is that you should probably change the materials of the player to have no friction, since there is a bug that allows you to stick to walls and have infinite jumps. 

Fun little game :D

Nice thumbnail - I will try it out right now

Glad to hear you liked the game! Thanks for playing :D

Hey, I made Beyond Eden with my friend! We saw you played our game and posted the screenshot, and would like to tell you that it is intentional :D You are trapped with the demon! (It is the psychopath's ending) . Thank you for playing c:

(Also the reason we deleted: no spoilers haha xD)

:D Thanks for playing on stream

Thanks so much! :D

Thanks :)

Thank you playing! The audio mixing was an oversight from us - it’s a shame we can’t fix it during the jam. We appreciate your feedback :D

Thank you for your comments - we are planning to adjust the game and possibly expand it after the game jam! :D 

If you want, try get the psychopath ending ;)

I'm really happy that you played through 3 times to get the endings :D Thank you so much for playing!

Thank you for your feedback! If you haven't found the psychopath ending - check the sewer in the street, some people often miss it xD. We know of that funny bug - it's a shame we can't update it now 

Your game is INCREDIBLY CUTE!!! I can't believe you managed to make such a polished and stylistic game in just a week - even with 8 people! You must have been very organised and efficient. Great job!

Really good job on the music and the gameplay! There's quite a lot you managed to do in one week :D

Love the sound effects and audio!

The sound effects and narrator in your game help create a very immersive and chilling experience! Great job!

That is extremely kind of you - thank you very much samndan! c:

Thank you for playing and for your kind words :D. We appreciate it alot!

<3 this game!

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Hey! Hope you enjoy our game: it is a choice-based game based on morality with multiple endings! :D

Haha! Thank you for reviewing - you are too funny, I love your stream :D

Try get the psychopath ending if you have time ;)